Introducing… The Treasured Petal Blog!

This is the first-ever post of The Treasured Petal blog, and boy, does it feel great to be writing this! My name is Kristin Brancaleone, owner and head designer of The Treasured Petal florist, wife to Joe, mother of two fur children (Pesto, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Basil, a darling Boston Terrier pup), and lover of all things floral, girly, whimsical, sassy, and wedding related!

I’ve been a bit nervous to dive into the blog world, despite the helpful encouragement from colleagues and clients. There are so many blogs that I adore and stalk every single day, and I knew that if I were to start a blog, I wanted it to be colorful, inspiring, informative, and most of all consistent. I knew this would be a big commitment!

Having said all that, I am officially ready to get this going! This blog will be…

1. my online gallery, showcasing T-Petals fabulous weddings as they come, and I have to say this year’s weddings will be total showstoppers! We’ve got a sweet lemon yellow soiree in the works, an over the top wine and chartreuse tropical wedding coming, a shabby chic sherbert and sage wedding, and a classy beachside affair to name just a few. I hope to give you a peek into the design process of each wedding, from the florist’s perspective!

2. my sketchbook, to share any decor ideas and inspiration that strikes my fancy.

3. my show and tell, to highlight some of my favorite flowers and botanical elements in all their God-created glory.

4. my brag book, to show off cute pictures of my dogs. 🙂 hehe

On that note, I think I’ll tackle # 4 right now and just get it out of the way! (Pictures compliments of my talented hubby, Joe)

Pesto, aka Pestorino, Bratsky, Capt. Featherbutt, Fabio

Basil, also known as The Baby, Basilina, Pipsqueak, and Gas Bag.

Basil, aka Basilina, Gas Bag, Boston Terrorist

Baby Pesto and Me

Baby Basil and Me


My father in law is currently doing an oil painting of this picture so we can hang it on the mantle!

Thank you for visiting! Please stop by real soon, as I have so much to say about Jill and Harry’s geometrical wedding, and Veronica and Paul Jae’s bookish garden wedding!




18 Responses to “Introducing… The Treasured Petal Blog!”

  1. kristeen Says:

    woo hoo – first comment! i’m so glad you started a blog.

  2. angel swanson Says:

    soooo excited for your first post!! i am thrilled you finally caved to the pressure. 😉 you know i’ll be reading! kudos to joe for the rad pics of two of my favorite puppies! xoxo

  3. LeeAnn Says:

    Finally! I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to start a blog!!! You’re officially on my long list of blogs I stalk daily. 🙂 I can’t wait for your posts.


  4. Kadidja Says:

    Hi Kristin! Congratulations on the blog! I’ve been wishing ever since I found you that you had a blog and… ta-da! I know that it will catapult you into the popularity that you deserve.

  5. Amanda Auer Says:

    YAY Krissy. Yay!

  6. Jules Says:


    Amazing and beautiful! Those pictures of you and your babies are just too sweet! Joe is such a great photographer! I can’t wait to see your designs! You have always been the most creative and talented and artistic of anyone I know!

    If only you could incorporate some song and dance routines into your blog. Don’t tell me those days are over! There are certain songs (Violent Femmes, Cake, That Boy is Mine, We’re the Girls on Krissy Street ((I still hear that one all the time, I can’t believe it’s still popular)) that send me into hysterics that seem inexplicable to the outside world. If only they knew the hilarity that was us way when back.

    I must admit don’t stalk any blogs. In fact, I think this might be the second blog I have ever read in my life, but that is all about to change! I am going to stalk your blog. That sounds so erotic!!

    Thanks for coming to the reunion. It was so special to me that you and your family could be there. I hope Basil has recovered from her bath. Did you get a chance to check out the Times article about my parents garden? It’s still available on line if you haven’t.

    Love you so much! All the best to you and yours! Thinking of you…. love you…

  7. Teresa Says:

    I’m so excited for you and the blog looks great! I’m looking forward to catching up with your exciting life online!

  8. Trista Lerit Says:

    Congrat’s on your first blog Kristin! I can’t wait to see all the goodies you’ll be sharing as well as more pics of your fur babies!


  9. Jasmine* Says:

    I seriously am probably the HAPPIEST person for you…ever!!! Girl, you’re going to love this blog! And now you owe me something shiny or something with a lot of petals for being your Blog Police! 😉

  10. joyful weddings and events Says:

    Yay! yay! yay! I am so glad you joined us. I cannot wait to see all of your gorgeous designs.

  11. LoAnn Says:

    Congrats Kristin! 🙂 I am so excited to see what else you are going to be blogging about. Your babies are so adorable too!

  12. Michelle Says:

    Congrats. on your blog! I’m looking forward to finally meeting you this weekend!

  13. kali Says:

    hey ma! HURRAY! was wondering if you’d ever get on this… how was i suppose to keep up with u and angel after ditched xanga? i can’t wait to see how you develop the creative talent you’ve been blessed with… love u much 🙂

  14. kali Says:

    p.s. i agree wit jules. u need a special video section for the latest and greatest kris (and or joe) song and dance routine.

  15. Ako Says:

    Krissy darling, I am SO happy that you have committed to this! JUST BRILLIANT!!! 🙂 And I must say, ditto to Jules comment, you are indeed one of the most extraordinary people ever. LOVE those two stinkheads and love you and Joemeister very much! Fantabulous job hun! Tell Joemeister that his photos ROCK!


  16. Celine Cheng Says:


    You still remember me? This is Celine!! I found your website from veronica’s wedding pictures’ comment. I wasn’t quite sure if it is that KRISTIN I know so I just checked this blog and saw your pictures!! I miss you 🙂 Email me and let me know how you have been up to!!

  17. Amaris Says:

    I must say that you are TALENTED girl. I fell in love with the beauty of you decor and floral designs…they left me speechless and wanting more.Hoping to keep up with your blog.

  18. online stock trading advice Says:

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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