Showcase: Veronica and Paul Jae’s Bookworm Wedding!

Way back in February, I met with lovely bride-to-be Veronica, and Angel from Events of Love and Splendor, at my favorite coffee shop, Nordstrom E-Bar, to brainstorm this phenomenal wedding which would take place at Villa Del Sol D’Oro.

As Veronica pulled out her tidy binder filled with magazine cutouts, swatches, ink samples, and other inspirations, I nearly choked on my Almond Roca latte. This wedding- the colors, the florals, the vintage books, the indigo bridesmaid dresses- is the wedding that I would have if I had a chance to redo my own 2007 wedding! Don’t get me wrong, I treasure every detail and moment from my fuschia and avocado wedding to Mr. Brancaleone, but being in the wedding industry, it’s easy to look back and say “Ah, I should have used THAT flower, THOSE colors, THOSE linens.”

Needless to say, the florals from this wedding were right up my alley. Veronica wanted them to be natural, playful, lush, and fluffy enough to eat. We decided to use mostly peonies and dahlias, wispy buplerum and lady’s mantel, and seeded eucalyptus loosely gathered into rustic urns.

Have a look at the results! (Thank you to the enormously talented Jerry and Ingrid of Jerry Yoon Photography for capturing these images! They really took my breath away!)

A collage of details: Veronica scoured antique stores for vintage books, which served as colorful platforms for the urns and vases. Angel was able find a million ways to incorporate those books! Check out the blush, blossom pink, and magenta peonies in Veronica’s huge bouquet. As far as bridal bouquets go, I like ’em big!!!

The ginormous altar pieces consisted of esperance and voodoo roses, fragrant stock, and of course, bunches and bunches of peonies and dahlias. Each arrangement (not including the urns) weighed over 50 pounds.

I advise brides to go as big as possible on altar arrangements, because while they may look freakishly huge in the workshop, once placed in position in a church or garden, they look just right.

I loved the shade and privacy created by the long rows of cyprus trees at the ceremony. The happy newlyweds!

My husband Joe captured a cute shot of Veronica and Paul Jae during the ceremony. When Angel and I first met Veronica at U.C. Berkeley, we always talked about how stunningly beautiful she is. 103 degree temps and she still looks flawless! Her groom, wearing a dahlia bud bout, is quite handsome as well.

An incredible shot of the typewriter vignette (Angel gets full credit for this sweet little setup!) that greeted guests.

Thanks to my hubby for taking this closeup picture of the vignette. A minor detail, but I LOVE how perfectly the peonies match the tea tin holding the pencils! Simple pleasures…

As Angel pointed out in her blog, only some of the centerpieces were placed in this picture. I waited until the very last possible minute to set out the centerpieces that weren’t protected by shade. Scorching weather can be treacherous for flowers, but these blooms held up remarkably well.

Probably my favorite detail from this wedding, captured once again by Joe: a collection of clear and cobalt glass vases were artfully arranged on a ledge behind the sweetheart table. I had a chance to incorporate some different flowers: papery lisianthus, pink garden roses, tulips, snapdragons, and last but not least, orange cushion mums. Who says mums are not a wedding flower? They are adorable, and I don’t discriminate 🙂

While the guests watched a slideshow inside the villa, my hubby took the opportunity to snap an incredible night shot of the reception. Even after the sun disappeared, the weather was still a toasty 97 degrees.

Veronica and Paul Jae: It was an honor to not only florify your wedding, but to be a guest at it. I praise God for your commitment to Him and to one another. Enjoy married life in Boston!!! Next time Joe and I visit family in Gloucester, we hope you will come to the harbor and enjoy lobster and fried clams with us!


10 Responses to “Showcase: Veronica and Paul Jae’s Bookworm Wedding!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    ADORE!! you know i loved everything about this wedding. your write up was just as beautiful as the pics; your account of the details made me fall in love with them all over again! xoxo beb

  2. Trista Lerit Says:

    Fabulosity at its best! I LOVED the shot that Joe got at the end of the evening…BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Veronica Shin...oops Kim Says:

    kristin & joe! we’re so grateful…so so grateful. you are such a creative genius, and i was blessed to have you be a big big part of the day! i love you! thank you a million times over!

  4. stephanie liang Says:

    you did an amazing job w veronica’s wedding. though i wouldn’t be redo-ing, i feel like i would want my wedding to be just like this one. all the details of veronica’s wedding are perfect, from the slight rustic-ness to the simplicity & elegance. amazing.

  5. Rachel Says:

    So gorgeous, Kris! Not that I would ever expect anything less from you. I look forward to blogstalking you daily now…will we be seeing any sneaks of the shower on Saturday? I have a couple of shower related food photos coming up on my (almost brand new) little blog.

  6. Amanda Auer Says:

    Love love looove this! Can’t wait for the next. And the next. 🙂

  7. Tiffany Says:

    hi kristin! i knew angel was doing her wedding planning thing… but i didn’t know you were doing flowers! (i guess i should’ve known, you guys did plan on doing it when you were in school). man… i should be starting up a wedding cake business then! 😛

  8. Jerry Yoon Says:

    Thanks Kristin for the awesome writeup, the shout out and for being such an attentive and kick ass florist designer extraordinairo!

    Can’t wait to work with you again!

  9. Kate Says:

    Simply gorgeous! I love all of this! Where did the indigo bridesmaid dresses come from?

    • thetreasuredpetal Says:

      Thanks! The bm dresses are from Anthropologie… but this wedding was over a year ago so I don’t believe you’ll have any luck finding them!

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