Showcase: Our Princess Bride!

My good high school friend Mercy-Faith is getting married to her prince charming, Brian, next month, and myself and EIGHT other girls will have the honor of standing beside her on her big day in our girly pink satin dresses. Angel Swanson will be coordinating this chic & pink garden party wedding.

Mercy is, in a nut-shell: a spunky, Disney-watching, pink-wearing, shoe-designing, cheerleading, fashionista with a knack for Britney Spears impersonations.  She is also super intelligent with 4 college degrees in fashion and business. Wedding planning can reveal a girl’s true colors, and this bride is as un-bridezilla as it gets. It’s refreshing to see her so excited about the actual MARRIAGE; the wedding day is just the (fluffy pink with sugar sprinkles) icing on the cake!

We wanted to give Mercy the Disney Princess bridal shower of her dreams that was homemade, sparkly, and just a little bit cheesy. Ok, a LOT cheesy just like all of us!

(Thank you to Marysia and Rachel for the pics! I have come to rely on the hubby to take pics so much that I don’t even have a camera of my own.)

The entry table with bedazzled name tags and hand baked tiara and glass slipper sugar cookie favors.

The best tasting water I’ve ever had, and it’s sooo simple: Ice water with crisp cucumber slices and cool mint leaves. Unbelievably refreshing. Rachel could bottle it and make a million dollars.

The dessert spread baked from scratch by Stacie and Rachel. Notice the giant cupcake that looks like Strawberry Shortcake’s house!

Some of the sweet details!

Even the pups got their pink on!

A closeup of the centerpieces with esperance, ravel, and silverstone roses, ruffly lisianthus, asiatic lilies and white dendrobium orchids (and a peekaboo mini snow white).

I won the bride quiz, hence the prideful grin on my face. What really gave me the edge was my answer to the question, “What is Mercy’s dream pet?” My answer was “A FUR COAT”, and I was correct. Mercy’s not much of an animal person :/

Mercy in the center with her eight wicked stepsisters- I mean doting bridesmaids.


3 Responses to “Showcase: Our Princess Bride!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    sooooo adorable, and soooo Mercy!! I can’t wait for her beautiful day. 😉 btw, you look darling in that dress~ xoxo

  2. Rachel Says:

    Such a great write up, hon – you have a great voice! We did us proud with that shower!

  3. Jasmine* Says:

    Uhhh, can you say fabulousdressness?! You look tres chic! 🙂

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