Sketchbook: Hypothetical Gloucester Wedding!

Gloucester Massachusetts: Home of The Perfect Storm, famous baked stuffed lobsters, 17 pregnant teens at Gloucester High School, and Joe’s parents’ historic “summer bungalow” where John Hayes Hammond Jr., the “Father of the Remote Control” once lived and invented crazy stuff in the dungeon (below), which was his laboratory. Pretty cool, right?

But as soon as I arrived for our 4th of July vacation, all my Dawson’s Creek fantasies came true and I was enraptured by the lush trees, rocky coast, salty air, winding streams, New England style homes, polite drivers… and the list goes on…

Note: Dawson’s Creek takes place in Cape Cod, Mass. which is down the coast from Gloucester, but the scenery is quite similar.

Being a florist through and through, much of my vacation was spent imagining how wonderful it would be to do a quaint, seaside destination wedding in Gloucester at my in-laws’ gorgeous bungalow. So humor me as I let my imagination run wild here! Photos are courtesy of hubby Joe.


For the ceremony, a charming white gazebo by the sea just minutes from the bungalow. I just wish the grass were a bit greener. Oh well, this is just hypothetical!

The reception would take place at my in-laws’ bungalow. The old pictures come from a tattered photo album that has been passed down to each owner of the house since it was built in the 1920s.

The bungalow in the 1920s.

The bungalow in 2008! Notice the castle foundation. The inventor started to build a castle, then changed his mind halfway through, leaving us with an incredible dungeon with hidden pathways galore. I never actually ventured down there because there are bats!

The ancient door leading to the courtyard where the reception would be held.

A closer look at the weathered courtyard.

A peak at the inside of the home circa 1920. How gorgeous are the silhouettes of the geraniums in the window and the collection of mismatched glass vases on the bookshelf?


This palette is inspired by the mustard yellow moss clutching the rocks all over the backyard, and the bright, colorful buoys we saw on the harbor.

THE ATMOSPHERE: A casual, candlelit summer soiree at the bungalow inspired by 1920’s Gloucester. Guests are wined and dined with fresh, local lobster and homemade cannolis. Playful jazz music circa 1920s (think Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong) fills the courtyard, and old silent films are projected on the side of the house after nightfall.

MOTIFS AND REPEATING ELEMENTS: Beakers, test tubes and other science tools as a nod to the famous inventor who resided in this house.

test tube vase by accent decor

test tube vase by andy designs

All vases and containers will be mismatched, as if gathered from the attic.

I have been dying to use these rustic flower pots from accent decor in a wedding. Hopefully you’ll see them in a wedding soon!


whites: fluffy white hydrangea, white sweet peas

mustard: buttery yellow garden roses, ranunculus, freesia, and oncidium “dancing lady” orchids

blues: blue hyacinth, blue cornflower, indigo blue delphinium, muscari

Below are rough sketches of the alternating high and low centerpieces.

The first is a rustic footed urn with a wild assortment of blue and gold blooms, and the second is a stack of mossy pots topped by a delicate potted oncidium, or “dancing lady” orchids (below).

Each blossom is a lady wearing a big yellow ballgown, hence the name.

Each blossom lookslike a lady wearing a big yellow ballgown and ornate hairstyle, hence the name.

And that, my friends, is the recipe for a gorgeous Gloucester wedding!


4 Responses to “Sketchbook: Hypothetical Gloucester Wedding!”

  1. angel Says:

    umm… i say we throw my 5 year wedding anniversary here. 😉 i am so in love with their gorgeous summer home!!! thanks for the inspiration, as always. xoxo

  2. Joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    Beautiful! I love the stacking pots w/ moss idea! I hope to see you bring that to life sometime. How amazing is that house & the courtyard!

  3. Amanda Auer Says:

    I LOVE the stacked pots you drew for the orchids. Love that idea. And the color scheme… to die for. Lucky girl!!

  4. kali Says:

    hey beb… i love looking @ your sketches and hearing your ideas. it’s so fun to watch your creativity take flight, and this gloucester place sounds so ridiculously charming. glad you had a great r&r w/joe there! btw your hubs takes awesome photos!!!

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