Showcase: Tablescapes

I was honored when Amanda of In The Now Weddings asked if I’d like to collaborate on a series of tablescapes for her website back in April. Amanda is a creative, detailed, and crafty girl with a million and one ideas swirling in her head. When she asked me to help, I was thinking, “Ok, three or four tables? I can do this!” Well, Amanda wowed me with 9 table setups, complete with their own custom favors, linens, napkins, menus, candles, silverware, and more. I was amazed to learn that she hand sewed many of the linens, sashes, etc. Talk about an overacheiver! Best of all, no detail was random. Everything was thought-out, purposeful and consistent with the overall mood of each table. That is what I call great design.

This project gave me the chance to get creative with the florals and explore a ton of different styles. I also decided to use some flowers that I don’t immediately flock to for weddings. Thank you to the fabulous Jonilyn for capturing the beautiful images of all the details. Jonilyn will do anything it takes to get the perfect shot, whether it’s lying on her belly in the sand or standing on top of precariously shaking chairs on uneven grass to get the perfect birds’ eye view. I was impressed!

Thanks also to Stephanie my talented assistant for helping me whip these up in just a few hours. Thanks also to my mom-in-law for the use of her front yard, again! πŸ™‚

Here are 5 of my favorite centerpieces from the session…

Romantic: Black silk dupioni wrapped box filled to the brim with black bacarra roses, the most gorgeous red dahlia’s I’ve ever seen, and ruby red asiatic lilies. We added red and black speckled feathers for a flirty touch.

Modern: Amanda really outdid herself with this concept. I would have never thought to combine brown, black and white as a palette. I filled white opaque glass containers with fluffy hydrangea, cute arabicum, white china mums (an oft overlooked but incredibly lush and yummy flower), peppy white tulips, beige sahara roses to complement the brown table details, and brown fiddle ferns (aka monkey tails) and dried pods (some Amanda purchased online, and some I found on a tree in my neighborhood- score!) for texture.

Summer: A cheerful ball of yellow-centered daisy mums, with bright yellow craspedia balls clustered throughout. So simple and fun! Love this citrusy palette.

Classic: When I see this table, I think “Dutch”. I’m not sure why, but that particular blue colored silk just reminds me of the Netherlands. Amanda asked me to design a hand-tied, draping bouquet to be placed on a white ceramic cake plate as the centerpiece. I gathered red and burgundy tulips, spray roses, callas, ranunculus, black bacarra roses, lilies, and red hanging amaranthus into an elegant nosegay, all tied together with a thick silk sash. Mini versions of the centerpiece were placed on each napkin as a sweet floral favor.

Garden: Who knew budvases with simple white flowers and vines could make such an impact? The white feathery flower in the center is called astilbe and it is one of my all-time favorites. White hydrangea, tulips, and tibet roses were casually placed into the other bud vases.

You can see the rest of the tablescapes and closeups of all the details on Amanda’s site!


5 Responses to “Showcase: Tablescapes”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love the summer set up! You always amaze me, Kris.

  2. kristeen Says:

    the red arrangement is a stunner! it made me want to change our color scheme for a second.

  3. angel swanson Says:

    kris — you are the ultimate. πŸ˜‰ i always love gazing at your handiwork! great seeing you today, as always!! xoxo

  4. joyful weddings and events Says:

    beautiful work gals!

  5. Trista Lerit Says:

    Gorgeous!!! As I told you before, every single arrangement is flawless πŸ™‚

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