Memory Lane: Shelley and Brett’s Organic Wedding

I felt the urge to post pictures from Shelley and Brett’s wedding from back in February because I had the honor of attending Shelley’s baby shower today! The theme was rubber duckies, and everything was gorgeous and so full of detail. Once upon a cupcake provided the rubber ducky adorned confections. They were delicious and almost too cute to eat (but that didn’t really stop me from downing them). I have to say, Shelley is the most gorgeous, radiant pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. She was also the most elegant bride I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine how stunning her child will be? I mean, look at her husband, too!

Shelley and I met at church a few years ago and hit it off right away. What is not to love about this humble, sweet, soft-spoken, compassionate girl? She always had her Bible Study homework neatly typed out in pretty colored ink, and mine was always scrawled on a napkin with coffee stains on it. She was always on time and perfectly put together after a long day of teaching Special Education classes. Yes, I have much to learn from this amazing woman. And now I get to watch her be a mommy.

Here are some breathtaking images from her nature-inspired Rancho Las Lomas wedding, captured by the one and only Jasmine Star. This wedding is a classic, and was featured on The Bride’s Cafe (my favorite blog) and covered thoroughly in Jasmine Star’s blog (also a daily read!). The adorable and incredible Courtney of Joyful Weddings And Events executed this event flawlessly and calmly, even through the drizzle. We used a soothing palette of soft pink, sage and cream. Our repeating elements were curly willow, fiddle fern, and lots of candlelight.

Beautiful Shelley in her stunning lace gown.

The dashing groom wearing a berry and curly willow accented rose.

I just love the composition of this image captured by Jasmine Star. Shelley carried white peonies, ranunculus and creamy roses wrapped in a collar of magnolia leaves and accented with fiddle fern. The deep green and bronze leaves allowed the creamy white flowers to stand out against her dress. This was a two-hander bouquet, but I couldn’t resist adding more and more beautiful (and very thick-stemmed) ranunculus, which is her favorite flower. I told you, I like em’ big and I wanted to spoil my friend!

A trio of curvy glass vases filled with kiwi branches (my favorite branch) and dahlias. A simple but elegant entry arrangement.

The curly willow arch was just drenched in floral clusters of hydrangea, roses, dahlias, orchids, and berries. This super heavy arch took me, my 2 assistants, and 3 grown men to hoist it above our heads while teatering on ladders, and attach it to tiny hooks 14 feet off the ground. Not an easy task, but I’m always up for a thrill. 🙂

We fashioned simple petal cones out of velum paper printed with their monogram. We filled them with orchids and pink petals.

The low centerpieces were 4 petite, lush arrangements in square/rectangular vases with playful fiddle fern accents.

The tall centerpieces were very simple curly willow branches with wired florals, and square hurricane candles.

Small nosegays to accent the bride and groom’s chairs.

This is only one half of the whimsical sign in table arrangement. Two brown urns filled with moss held kiwi branches which meshed in the middle to form a lovely arch. Courtney hung darling love quotes from the branches.

On a sweet note, these Vanilla Bake Shop cupcakes were beautiful and delish! Usually, as I put the flowers on the cake and smell the sugary frosting in the air, I can only fantasize about taking a bite. However, since I was also a guest at this wedding, I got to have one! (…or two. I ate Joe’s cupcake. Bad Kristin!)

Speaking of attending weddings that I’ve florified (I’ve attended three so far), it’s so fun to watch the whole evening unfold and hear people commenting on the florals, not knowing that I was the little elf who made them. It’s also a little strange, as I constantly have to hold myself back when I am tempted to fix a petal here, adjust an orchid there, check on the water levels in the vases… I don’t want to look like a freak to the other guests, poking and prodding at all the arrangements, but it’s in my job to make sure everything is perfect! Joe usually helps me to relax and just be a guest for once.

Shelley, it totally made my day to see you today after 5 long months. I can’t wait until you and Brett move back to O.C. (Lord willing, soon!) I am excited to see what joys, trials, and triumphs will come with Baby English. May the Lord bless your beautiful new family! xoxoxoxoxo Kristin


6 Responses to “Memory Lane: Shelley and Brett’s Organic Wedding”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love all the floral details you added to this wedding! All the curly willow is so beautiful.

  2. joyful weddings & events Says:

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t know Shelley was pregnant! That is so exciting- I am so glad that you posted about it! You did an incredible job on this one- it was so lush and gorgeous.

  3. angel swanson Says:

    i loooved this wedding when i first saw it on J*’s blog. adore all the details all over again. 😉

  4. Jasmine* Says:

    Whaaaaat?!? My bride is preggo?!?! I need to give that girl a call! I’m SOOO happy for her!

  5. Shelley (the bride) Says:

    Oh Kristin! I just read your comments, and tears filled my eyes. I don’t know if it is the preggo hormones, or just me being sensitive, but you are the sweetest girl ever! I am so thankful to have met you, and cannot wait to spend time with you again soon. Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower. You looked adorable as ever! I am so grateful for your friendship and thank you again for creating such gorgeous arrangements for the wedding. Words cannot express how much I LOVED your work! You are a true talent, and a true gem! XO

  6. This Inspired That! « The Treasured Petal Blog Says:

    […] the gorgeousness of Shelley’s cream lace gown with silky champagne […]

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