Showcase: Kadidja and Thomas… How to you like them apples?

I love apples- not really to eat (not a big fan of fruit but have been trying to eat it for breakfast everyday after reading this book) but to look at! They are so round, shiny, colorful and cute!

Kadidja came to me with visions of orchids and green apples in her head. She chose a fresh palette of chartreuse, white, chocolate brown and accents of gold. Vibrant, lush, playful and cheerful was the look of the day, but the gold accents and candles added romance and elegance to the decor.

I was totally bowled over by the talented Sarah K. Chen‘s images. I have admired her work from afar, and have wanted to work with her for quite awhile. Her style of photography was just perfect for Kadidja’s wedding- vibrant, fresh, modern… I am on pins and needles for the rest of the photos.

I also got to see Jonilyn of Jonilyn Photography, who assisted Sarah that day, and Paola of Just Chic Events, who coordinated all the intricate details, two weeks in a row (at LeeAnn’s wedding and Kadidja’s wedding!) What a treat!

As you can see, Kadidja is a drop dead gorgeous bride. She is also warm, friendly, and has a calming way about her. I so enjoyed working with her every step of the way.

Here is a sneak peak of their wedding, courtesy of Sarah K. Chen!

There she is, the beautiful bride.

There he is, Kadidja’s pup dressed up with mini cymbidium orchids. He doesn’t seem to mind them, but my dogs would have pawed off the orchids and tried to eat them.

What a dreamy photograph. Her eyelashes are just perfect.

The bouquet- with jade roses, green cymbidiums, white hydrangea, peony tulips, white lisianthus, fiddle fern aka monkey tails, and lots and lots of fragrant freesia, finished with brown satin and a lovely crystal brooch.

Someone looks excited! Here is the groom looking dapper with his cymbidium, hypericum, and fiddle fern bout.

She has a noble profile, doesn’t she?

A spectacular image.

So much joy!

The entry table: the center vase was actually filled with tall curly willow, with orchid clusters and green apples clutching the branches. I’ll post pics when they are available! The two flanking arrangements were funky and overflowing with roses, hydrangea, peony tulips, stock, and of course, apples.

Kadidja and Thomas, I’m so glad your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be. May your married life together be just as sweet (also a little tart, juicy, and of course, full of nutrients.) 🙂 I’m a dork, someone stop me!

I’m off on a hot date with my hubby to Native Foods. Enjoy your weekend!


8 Responses to “Showcase: Kadidja and Thomas… How to you like them apples?”

  1. Kadidja Says:

    Kristin-you already know how we feel about you but let it be known to the rest of the world that you are so spectacularly wonderful…as a person and as a florist. Well, an artist really ;). You totally exceeded our expectations and we’re so grateful to have had you grace our lives! We wish you all the best and more!

    P.S. Did you have to say Native Foods? You’re killing me from 1300 miles away, girl 😉

  2. sarah k chen Says:

    kristin, you did such an amazing job with all the florals at Kadidja + Thomas’s wedding! i’ll be highly recommending you to my brides! 🙂 And it’s great to finally meet you!

  3. angel swanson Says:

    beautiful work, as always!! i love the fresh green apples. can’t wait for my own chartreuse wedding in october… xoxo

  4. Joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    So fun! I love the apples used as table number holders.

  5. LeeAnn Says:

    I loved all the pieces you created for Kadidja! The bouquet was to die for! Great job!!

  6. Amanda Auer Says:

    Love, love, love these! If there is anyone to knock an apple wedding out of the park… it’s you Krissy!


  7. Rachel Says:

    That bouquet is to die for, Kris! Awesome job.

  8. Angie D Says:

    Okay, I must second the cool apple menu and table number holders. So simple but great impact! Love the bout. too 🙂 I’m working with uluhe fern in a few weeks and I’m SOOOO excited!

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