The Bouquet Hand-off…

The bridal bouquet is the star of all the wedding flowers, and it’s so important to me that the bride is in love with her bouquet. That’s why I’m always a bit nervous when I drop off the bouquets. Every time my assistant and I make the long trek to the bridal room with 2 bouquets in each hand, I always have to take a deep breath before I knock gently on the door and say, “It’s me, Kristin, with your flowers!”

I always feel privileged to enter into the “bridal zone” where the bride is just beaming with excitement, getting her makeup done and walking around with her shoes off, sipping champagne, listening to music, and having a ball with her bridesmaids.

I remember being insanely happy and goofy while getting ready with my bridesmaids in the bridal zone. I also remember getting choked up when my bouquet was handed to me. I wouldn’t let go of it for a long time while my sister was refreshing my curls. I just wanted to hang out with it for awhile.

Choked up.


just chillin with my bouquet, getting to know it!

There have been some classic bouquet hand-offs that I’ll always remember. Many brides have cried, some smile from ear to ear, some bury their noses in the flowers and sniff, and some actually shriek with joy. I love my brides and I LOVE those moments!

Handing Stefanie her violet spring bouquet. I find it hilarious that they are watching the news in the background. (Photos by Christine Marie Photography.)

Angel Swanson was a doll and helped me carry the bouquets to Veronica’s bridal room. The expression on Angel’s face is classic. Yes, she’s definitely entered the bridal zone!

Veronica’s hand reaching up for her bouquet. The young lady in the back is Stephanie, one of my talented designers. (Photos by Jerry Yoon Photography.)


7 Responses to “The Bouquet Hand-off…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    May I have a copy of Veronica’s bouquet, please? It’s stunning and I’d like to just hold it for a while. You know where I live.

  2. angel swanson Says:

    i feel sooo honored that i was present at all 3 bouquet handoffs above. 😉 you have such a gift. xoxo

  3. LeeAnn Says:

    You know it was all a blur when you walked in and I was facing the window getting my make up done. All I knew was I could smell the flowers and my sister said “Oh my gosh, your bouquet is HUGE!”

  4. joyful weddings and events Says:

    That bouquet with the peonies is absolutely incredible!

    What a special moment to be a part of. I love those moments. It makes what we do just that much better 🙂

  5. Amanda Auer Says:

    1. YAY I love this moment, too!!

    2. I love that Steph made her debut on your blog

    3. I love your love for love… of flowers [and love].


  6. Jasmine* Says:

    my most fav post thus far! it’s so real and so you!! what priceless moments! 🙂

  7. Heidi @ Zenadia Design Says:

    I love this post and the pictures! What a fun moment to be a part of. =)

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