Show and Tell: Stuff I like!

This just-for-fun post features some elements that I’m especially drawn to as a florist.

I like plexiglass!

A Beautiful ceremony setup from White Lilac Inc. I’ll be crafting some similar columns in the next few months.

I have always loved this plexiglass wish tree from our friends at Events of Love and Splendor. It’s truly a work of art. Angel and I have an incredible wedding coming up which will feature an amazing plexiglass cake stand. Can’t wait!

I like bamboo!

This asian inspired arrangement is from Botanicals Chicago, one of my alltime favorite florists.

I’ll be building a bamboo arch next week, similar to this one from the geniuses at Yvonne Floral Designs, for an upcoming wedding.

Nico Designs captures a similar look with bamboo, but uses deep brown stained poles. Which is your favorite, the green or the brown? The green is really fresh and striking, but the brown is less overtly tropical. I’m still torn on that one.

I like dahlias!

Black dahlias, fiery orange dahlias, petally pink dahlias, ball-shaped, mum-shaped, you name it! You can probably spot dahlias in almost every wedding I’ve done, because they add such a unique texture and geometric feel to arrangements. Definitely one of my favorite flowers.

Black dahlias- such stunners! (Photo by Trista Lerit.)

Funky light tangerine dahlias. (Photo by Michael Norwood.)

Vivid red dahlias (Photo by Jonilyn Photography.)

I love this pointy little cactus dahlia.

And freakishly huge “dinner plate dahlias”. Beware, dahlias of this size are super fragile and bruise easily, but boy are they gorgeous.

I like Fiddle Fern (what some call monkey tails)!

I can’t tell you how many brides I’ve consulted who thought that fiddle fern was made of wrought iron. No, it’s actually a real fern, and has a rubbery texture, like a pencil eraser! Some brides are creeped out by them, others love the playfulness they bring to bouquets and bouts. If a bride gives me the ok, I’m more than happy to use them if they suit the mood!

Kadidja and her man rocking the fiddle fern in the bouquet and bout. (Photos by Sarah K. Chen.)

Another of Botanicals’ amazing creations using fiddle fern as the heel of a shoe. Totally wish I had thought of that for my friend’s wedding (she has a degree in shoe design!)

Thanks friends for indulging me!  I can’t remember doing show and tell even once in elementary school, so this is my outlet for that sort of thing.  Happy Labor Day!!!


9 Responses to “Show and Tell: Stuff I like!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    You crack me up. This is such a cute post and it’s fun to see some of your favorite elements.

  2. Adizat Says:

    Very nice post. I just found your website. Hope to see more of your post.

  3. loveandsplendor Says:

    i love all of these things, too! 😉 i can’t believe you never did show and tell in school. that is a tragedy!!! xoxo

  4. Kadidja Says:

    Kristin- I love your taste SO much and thanks for including us! So happy that you suggested the fiddle fern for our florals. They turned out fantastic! XOXO

  5. Amanda Auer Says:

    bamboo arch… I’m in LOVE with the deep brown. and plexi-glass is such a must. so modern, so cool… so amazing. 🙂

  6. LeeAnn Says:

    I love the plexiglass! Very unique and cool! Can’t wait to see all the weddings you’re working on!!

  7. kristeen Says:

    you made my whole night when you said we can have plexi at our wedding! i cannot wait for 11.22!

  8. sarah k chen Says:

    omg, fiddle fern is a real live plant?! i’ve touched those things and STILL believed them to be decorative adornments! that’s SO weird!!

    🙂 you learn something new every day!

  9. Angie D Says:

    My vote is for the green bamboo. I “like” the brown stain also, but Yvonne’s proportions and style are great. The asymmetric flare of the brown chuppah is cool too…. different. I’d love to see some of your plexi-glass creations. Keep up the great work! Aloha.

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