The Treasured Petal on The Bride’s Cafe!

Much to my delight, the oh-so-sweet floral designer and blogger extraordinaire, Janie Medley, has posted a Treasured Petal feature on her amazing blog, The Bride’s Cafe!

Please stop by the cafe, check out The Treasured Petal post, say hello, and stay awhile. In fact, peruse ALL of Janie’s posts- they are fabulous! I’ve mentioned before that The Bride’s Cafe is my alltime favorite blog; I can easily get lost in wedding land for hours at a time there. In fact, The Bride’s Cafe helped to inspire me to start up my own blog.

Thank you Janie for showcasing some of T-Petal’s designs! I am so honored to be a part of your blog. In fact, I was a little starstruck to see your name in my email inbox. As an avid blog reader, you’re like a celebrity to me 🙂 Thank you for your warmth and kindness!

Now, I have a busy busy week ahead. I plan on hitting up LA several times this week to hunt down some ice blue silk dupioni fabric and ribbon, crystal bouquet bling and other shiny trinkets, plexiglass sheets, dark wooden boxes, bamboo thatch, chartreuse pillar candles, and the list goes on. This gives you a little hint at the amazing weddings to come in the next few weeks. Each of them are so different. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Stay tuned!

P.S. How cute does my pup Basil look in my bio picture? It’s her 15 minutes of fame 🙂


8 Responses to “The Treasured Petal on The Bride’s Cafe!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    so so soooo excited to see you featured on tbc!! you look gorgeous in the bio, too. basil is adorable as usual. 😉 congrats, girl!!

  2. joyful weddings and events Says:

    So fun! You look beautiful & the pup looks adorable as well. I always love seeing your sketches and how they come to life. yay!

  3. Trista Says:

    Congrat’s Kristin! You and basil are such ROCKSTARS!!! 😉

  4. Kadidja Says:

    Congrats Kristin! And I can’t wait to see what you have in store in the weeks ahead!!

  5. Rachel Says:

    Congrats, Kris! The write up (and accompanying photos) was lovely!

  6. Amanda Auer Says:

    Have SO much fun in downtown LA! Jealous!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see some new event pics!!

  7. Jasmine* Says:

    Holllllla! 🙂

  8. Ann Says:

    I love your work! I really wish I could find someone like you where I live in Missouri. I am having the worst time finding a florist whose work I am excited about. Your work is breathtakingly beautiful!

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