Bouquet Inspiration…

One of my favorite photographers (I’ll spill all the details in a few weeks) asked me if I’d like to create a unique, over the top bouquet for a special day after shoot she’ll be photographing. She basically gave me free reign with this, and told me to create a work of art. Her one rule- must not be a perfect “roundy moundy” (as my old floral instructor called it) of flowers tied with a ribbon. Of course, I’m up for it! But, no rules? No predetermined color palette? No list of flower likes and dislikes to work from? Challenging, but sooo fun.

While reading my daily dose of wedding, style, and home decorating blogs, I came upon these images by Jacqueline Veissid via All Things Bright and Beautiful that just took my breath away.

The beautiful red, black and mustard florals against the thick white satin. The red-stained lips, and the golden bird perched on her finger. So beautiful!

I just adore that blood red color.

My word that is stunning! I love the big satin rosettes adorning her gown.

So, I’ve got my jumping off point for a dramatic, pretty, quirky and whimsical bouquet in white, black, blood red, and mustard. The colors somehow seem exotic and a bit oriental.. In addition to white “canvas” flowers like tibet roses, some funkier flowers that immediately came to mind were:

fuzzy white mink protea perhaps with a blood red rose emerging from the center…

black callas…

feathery red cockscomb (different variety than the “fuzzy brain flower” as many brides call it)…

and craspedia…

Not sure how to work this in, but I also saw branches of pomegranates at the flower mart that were slightly cracked open to expose the ruby red seeds. BUT I can imagine the damage these could do to a white wedding gown, so I think I’ll go without 🙂 …

I want to wire black satin rosettes into the bouquet, and I want the stems wrapped with pleated black satin, dressed up with a locket like this on I found on Etsy by t8designs:

Now, I’ve got the ideas swirling around, all I need is to narrow the flower choices down (I can’t include EVERYTHING I love), and make it happen! Can’t wait to share the photos with you.

This weekend will be filled with house-hunting, wedding prop-making, and hopefully long naps with a pup tucked in each elbow. xoxo


4 Responses to “Bouquet Inspiration…”

  1. Lizzaylay Says:

    Hi Krissycus,

    Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog whilst stalking you. Every photo leaves me speechless, my goodness are you the best florist or WHAT?! Surriously. I cannot believe I know you, you’re like this floral celebrity!

    Plus I love the way you write… you’re so quirky and hilarious, always making me giggle like a schoolgirl (oh wait, I actually am a schoolgirl).

    I was adoring your wedding photos, man you made such a beauuutiful bride.

    Much love from FL! (and I’m missing Mochilato, WITHOUT the redbean and LOADED with YUMMY FRUIT)

  2. Jasmine* Says:

    Looks fabulous!! 🙂
    I hope house hunting fared better than it did for us! 😦

  3. Rachel Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I love the inspiration pics. Oh, and the pomegranates are pretty safe, as long as you don’t pry them open any further – they’re actually hard to pull apart. Although I think you’re probably right not to want to take any risks with a real wedding gown.

  4. Amanda Auer Says:

    Holy cow Kris I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with. LOVE the color scheme. LOVE the flower choices… I’m giddy excited to see pictures. 🙂

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