Showcase: Rose and Rod

I was delighted to receive some gorgeous images by Marlin and Marlene Munoz in my inbox today. This joyous wedding was conducted flawlessly by my sister from another mister, Angel of Love and Splendor. Check out her blog post for her commentary on this simple and elegant wedding!

Rose and Rod married at the beautiful Adamson House in Malibu. This venue is smack dab on the beach, and I was floored by the rustic Spanish-styled architecture. Joe and I are in the midst of house-hunting, and we dream of a home that looks like this. I’m a sucker for Spanish style.

Her bouquet was a classic mass of red charlene roses with a magnolia leaf collar. Charlene roses are one of my favorite varieties because of their intense color and the fact that they open up so big and full. Love this shot, Marlin!

Rose had the sweet idea of making 5 mini bouquets for special family members to pass to her as she walked down the aisle.

Rose wanted clean, simple red florals to pop against the crisp white linens of her long banquet tables. It was important to her that the flowers be beautiful, but not get in the way of conversation amongst the guests. So we designed over 60 petite red arrangements made of magnolia leaves, freedom, charlene and black magic roses, red tulips, dinner plate dahlias, and james storei orchids. Angel and Anna were absolute cherubs, helping me to place all 60 arrangements on the tables during the short moments between the ceremony and reception, since the reception was being held in the same spot as the ceremony and couldn’t be set up ahead of time. I couldn’t have done it without them!

I love fancy ornate linens, but clean white linens can be a breath of fresh air, allowing the red flowers and the gorgeous venue to shine.

Thanks again to Marlin and Marlene Munoz for these lovely pics!

I have a ton of recent weddings to share, including Seb’s dusty rose wedding and Heather’s lemony fresh wedding. Yes, that was what the 250 lemons were for. I used most of them but have about 20 left over. Anyone have a really awesome lemon recipe? Pass it on!


2 Responses to “Showcase: Rose and Rod”

  1. loveandsplendor Says:

    hey doll! rose’s bouquet was perfection — sooo romantic and soo her. 😉 this wedding really was a breath of fresh air in its beautiful simplicity.

    with the lemons, i’d make lemonade. now for that celebratory lunch…let’s get that on the calendar!! xoxo

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh, Kris – everything looks lovely! Personally, I’m a huge fan of plain white linens because they look so crisp and set off the flowers so nicely.

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