Happy Halloween!

This year, I won’t be passing out candy to kids in our neighborhood. I bought two tons of candy last year and only 5 kids stopped by, 2 of whom were not in costume. Whatever happened to all the trick or treaters? I ended up eating the rest of the candy all by myself, of course!

I also didn’t find time to dress up my doggies this year. But I did come upon these cute pictures of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pesto, from last year’s costume party with the dogs in his training class.

He was Pocahontas!

And he even had a “peace pipe”:

He didn’t win the costume contest. Actually, he was cut with the first group of losers.

Basil is so goofy looking she doesn’t need a costume! She always looks like one of those sad black and white clowns…


3 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    i heart pesto-hontas and basil the clown!! xoxo

  2. Rachel Says:

    You big dork! Pesto looks so resigned in that costume. And I can’t believe how cute Basil has gotten!

  3. Platinum Weddings by Kerrie Says:

    Awww big smooches to Pesto and Basil! Riley keeps begging for our next play date;)

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