Rustic Romance Wedding, Part II

A touching ceremony:

bridesmaids-ceremonygroomseb-and-parentsseb-tears-2seb-tearsceremony-kissAs the evening unfolded, the mason jars were lit, and the tables moved to the center of the courtyard. The scene was dazzling!

reception-overviewreception-overview-2closeup-centerpieceI loved working with the fresh sprigs of English lavender all week- I felt like I was at Burke Williams having a spa day. The silvery pink roses are called “Faith”, now one of my favorite varieties. You have to see them in person- the color is magical.

wooden-boxesSimple wooden boxes were stained a deep brown- a nice alternative to vases or urns.

centerpiece-and-jarsfloating-dahliaI can’t take credit for any of the following details- these were all the genius ideas of the bride and groom.

rosemary-glassesRosemary sprigs in the glasses- such a pretty touch.

pretty-h2oPretty water.

cake-2Pretty cake.


escort-cards-2I love this idea- eucalyptus sprigs used for escort cards. Tiny birds swooped down to carry these little sprigs in their mouths and delivered them to each guest. In my little fantasy world! But that would be so cute.

cracker-jacksScore! An awesome party favor that guests could munch on.


photo-booth-couple-2Brian and Seb, thank you for being so wonderful, considerate, and creative. You were a dream to work with! If weddings are a reflection of the couple, your wedding proves that you are elegant, laid-back, romantic, heartfelt and full of joy. Enjoy your life together as man and wife- may God bless you abundantly and guide your every step!

Thanks again to Dennis Viera Photography for being so quick to share these images with me. You are awesome!


3 Responses to “Rustic Romance Wedding, Part II”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    beautiful! i wish we could get some little birdies to deliver escort cards… that would be utter perfection. i’ll work on it, stat. xoxo

  2. seb chun Says:

    Kristin! Thank you so much for the very beautiful and sweet post! We’re so incredibly touched and honored. 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    These wedding photos are my favorite. I go back to them all the time for inspiration.

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