Kristeen and Josh: Organic Glam!

I had been anticipating Kristeen and Josh’s wedding for months and months. At our Coffee Bean consultation, we excitedly threw out ideas that included smooth white river stones, sandblasted manzanita, crystals galore, papery white phaleonopsis offset by waxy green cymbidiums-by the end of the meeting we were both gushing over our plans. Their Marvimon wedding was shot by my talented wedding photographer and good friend, Trista Lerit. Trista’s work is always creative, moody, and just plain beautiful. She always gets fantistic pics of all the floral details, which I of course appreciate- thanks Trista! See her blog for the rest of the images.  Kelly Demaray orchestrated this detailed wedding beautifully, and couldn’t have been sweeter during the whole process.

Many props to my wonderful day-of assistants, Marci and Ako, for hauling box after box of rocks, climbing that 10 foot ladder when I was too afraid (I have a fear of heights!), and just hustling nonstop for 4 hours straight to make sure everything looked picture perfect. They work so hard, and always have smiles on their faces!

Without further ado, Kristeen and Josh’s wedding, as captured by Trista Lerit Photography:

kristeen-1Kristeen was ecstatic when she saw everything set up. I hope it was just like she imagined!

kristeen-3The bridal bouquet was an ethereal “two hander” filled with roses, ranunculus, tulips, stephanotis, phaleonopsis, and soft white feathers. The bridesmaids carried white and green blooms with black feather accents. Their dresses were so elegant!

kristeen-4What a sassy shot! She is a stunning girl, with southern charm to boot! Such a sweetheart too.

kristeen-ceremonyA crystal curtain with cymbidium orchids was the background for the ceremony.

img_0229A closer look at the curtain.

img_0236Simple yet striking altar decor atop plexiglass columns.

img_0391The river rock aisle.


kristeen-and-josh-2kj_ceremony_detailsmarvimonMarvimon is so rad.

kristeen-tall-centerpieceWe tried to mix natural, zen elements like rocks and branches with glammed out cyrstals and orchids.


Kristeen and Josh- you are a beautiful couple and I loved working with you! Have a blessed marriage!


8 Responses to “Kristeen and Josh: Organic Glam!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    This is hands down one of my favorite venues! I’m so excited that you got to work there – I’m going to grill you about it later. That escort card table is fabulous, hon!

  2. Joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love this! The curtain- gorgeous! The plexiglass- so fun! All of the stones- love it! Way to go girl!

  3. angel swanson Says:

    adoooore this wedding + all the details. way to rock it! xoxo

  4. kristeen Says:


    i cannot even express how ecstatic i still am about everything you created for our wedding. you made my vision come to life – but even better than i could have ever imagined. you are truly talented and i am lucky for getting to work with you!

  5. Jasmine* Says:

    LOVE IT!! you’re so fab!!

  6. V3 Weddings & Events Says:

    The Marvimon is a sexy venue to start with but the florals for this wedding made it that much hotter! This concept is definitely one of my favorites. You sooo ROCK!

  7. Amanda Auer Says:

    I. LOVE. THIS. SO jealous that you got to work @ The Marvimon. I’m dying to go there.

  8. Trista Lerit Says:

    It was so awesome working with you on this wedding Kristin! As always, you did an AMAZING JOB!!!

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