IDo for Brides and Southern Weddings

Thanks to Amanda of In the Now Weddings for sharing the news that our too-sweet-for-words daisy and craspedia arrangement has appreared in the I Do for Brides magazine.


See the arrangement in the upper right?

See the arrangement in the upper right?

Last year, Amanda asked me to design centerpieces for a series of tablescapes she was working hard on. The cutesy centerpiece in the upper right image is from the Summer:NOW table, and consists of cheerful daisies and craspedia balls.

Here are some more charming images of the Summer:NOW table, courtesy of Jonilyn:


The second bit of good news came via Courtney of Joyful Weddings and Events. Looks like Jill and Harry’s dahlia and tulip bouquets have been featured in the first ever print edition of Southern Weddings. I can’t wait to get my paws on that magazine! I read their fabulous blog everyday, and always oooo and ahhh over the amazing inspiration I find there. Supposedly Barnes and Noble and Target will be carrying Southern Weddings, so please grab a copy and let the drooling begin! That cover shot is so charming.


See the bouquets on the top of the page?



One Response to “IDo for Brides and Southern Weddings”

  1. Jasmine* Says:

    CONGRATS on all the good news…2009 is looking awesome!! 🙂
    BTW, Polo told me he saw Basil and Pesto at the dog park…again. Why is it that whenever I go to that blasted place, you’re not there? And then when my boys go, you AND Joe are there…where is the justice?! 😉
    Have fun in Thailand and we can’t wait to hear all the fun stories when you return. lovelovelove…

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