sooo dreamy!

Take me away!!!  These dreamy portraits of Tran and Peter captured by the always incredible Image is Found just take me to a peaceful place 🙂  These photos are so tranquil, mello, and thoughtful.  They make me excited for the mild and gentle days of spring ahead (nevermind these pics were taken in December.  That’s California for you!)

Here’s just a taste; check out the rest at The Blog is Found!  Thank you to Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor for pulling this wedding together beautifully.  She never misses a beat.

tran-and-peter-2tran-and-peter-8tran-and-peter-5tran-and-peter-6tran-and-peter-4tran-and-peter-7On that peaceful note, I’m off to Thailand in just 2 days for our 2 week adventure!  We’re hitting up Bangkok, lush Chang Mai where I will be getting massages and facials while Joe mountain bikes through the jungle, and of course the pristine beaches where I hope to lounge, sip cocktails, and maybe get some surfing in.  I can’t wait to share pics and stories.  We had planned on riding elephants, but my Physical Therapist friend just told me about a patient who sprained her leg in Thailand while riding an elephant.  The elephant was walking through a river when he suddenly had the urge to take a bath.  He rolled over on his back and sent her flying off!


3 Responses to “sooo dreamy!”

  1. Kadidja Says:

    Oh, have a wonderful time Kris! I hear Thailand is pretty awesome. My brother had wonderful pics and great stories when he returned. Travel safely!

  2. Platinum Weddings by Kerrie Says:

    Have an amazing trip!! I want to see pictures when you get back:)

  3. Rachel Says:

    That bouquet is so fresh! I love it.

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