Feeling Domestic!

After reading my friend Trista’s blog post on her gorgeous home decor inspirations, I wanted to gab about mine, too! It was a bit of a struggle figuring out my home decor style. From week to week I find myself delving into so many completely different styles. My first wedding of ’09 was soft, romantic, and traditional. Last week- black and white graphics and lime green florals. This week- sultry, over the top glam. Next week – cutesy grapefruit pink and mercury glass. And I can honestly say I get overly excited about each and every wedding I do! In that moment when I’m seeing it all come together, I feel like it IS my style. I really get into it, you know?

But my home is completely mine. I don’t have to worry if it suits anyone else’s style. I just want it to be absolutely, positively ME. (and Joe of course 🙂

After browsing through endless design blogs and mags, Joe and I decided we want our home decor to be:

Cozy. Eclectic. Welcoming. International. Detailed. Slightly worn. Antique. Exotic. Affordable. Nothing too trendy. Nothing that I’ll need to overhaul in a few years. I’m trying to buy most of my furniture and tchotchkes off of craigslist, ebay, and flea markets.

Although deep, Tuscan red is typically not my favorite color (I’m more of a pink girl) I just love how warm it makes a home feel. And for Joe a pink house was not an option. So we started with ruby red and other jewel tones against the preexisting yellow-beige walls and neutral travertine floors.

I found a few inspiration pics that seemed to call out to me right away via Desire To Inspire:


I adore everything about this living room. I especially love the tall ladder and bookshelves. Joe is trying to build a library in a loft area of our bedroom, complete with a tall ladder. That would be a dream come true!

desire-to-inspire-3desire-to-inspire-5Love the colors and the heavy, dramatic curtains. I actually sewed some heavy curtains for our living room which I will show off in an upcoming post!

desire-to-inspire-6That rug! That lantern! Could do without the square couches and funky oil painting though.

The following are via Habitually Chic:

habitually-chic-1habitually-chic-3That pic above is the exact shade of our walls.

habitually-chic-4These next two are via Style Court:

style-court-1sstyle-court-2I created something similar on the wall with framed botanical prints of my favorite flowers from an old book. Post to come!

This last one is via The Inspired Room:

the-inspired-room-1All of these rooms are different but share a common thread- bold pops of color, interesting exotic furniture, and a little bit of mismatched charm. We’re not even close to settled in yet, but everyday a new picture gets hung or a new curtain installed. It’s really starting to feel like home! Can’t wait to show pics!


7 Responses to “Feeling Domestic!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    love these inspiration pics. can’t wait to see if joe builds your dream library… that would be AMAZING!!

  2. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    When do I get to come over?
    And I really hope Joe gets a library built – that would be stunning!

  3. Lizzie Says:

    i heart your style! i always knew you would be a fan of the bookcase ladder, i think b/c of the bio pic of you on your website 🙂 which is quite possibly the most stunning picture (other than on your wedding day).

  4. Vanessa - V3 Weddings & Events Says:

    I can’t wait to see your actual before and after pics!

  5. Marysia Says:

    My mom is so proud of you and your curtains! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Jenny Chung Says:

    My favorite is the last pic with the green! Oh man, that is so soft and trendy and classic. Totally me. Those are the colors I want for my house. Yes, those pics are SO you and Joe. I loved your house. No joke, it is so beautiful, Kris. The curtains rock too!

  7. Katherine Says:

    Yeah, I love the idea with the whole wall filled with bookshelves and a big ladder. That is very European style…Nice ~ And how about put with a home studio set device? Hey, hey…. ~ Katherine

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