Just For Fun: Flower Pot Escort Cards!

In a post long ago I included this rough doodle of a fun idea to display escort cards:

teeny-arrangements Each guest would have a teeny tiny container filled with their own special arrangement. It would be an escort card and wedding favor in one. I just love all things tiny. Well, the incredible calligrapher Lisa of Pen and Ink saw the sketch and thought my idea should be brought to life. She offered her help and promptly sent me beautifully scripted escort cards to use for my mini-baby project. Thanks so much, Lisa!

At the flower mart, I scooped up some yellow daffodils, acacia, navy blue privet berries, spray roses, billy balls and delicate lily of the nile. I purchased tiny flower pots (about 1.5 inches tall), lined them with cellophane (water tends to leak through the terra cotta pots leaving discoloration) and stuffed them with a bit of wet floral foam. I then created mini arrangements with the cutesy spring flowers. These would be adorable in mossy boxes, as shown, or at each place setting.

Lisa's handiwork is so beautiful. I wonder how she came up with all those names! "Jayden King" and "Anthony Colette" have such a nice ring to them.

I love navy blue, yellow and white together. I'm dying to do a wedding with that palette!

Like I said, I love all things tiny!!!

Like I said, I love all things tiny!!!

Thank you to my husband Joe for snapping these pics, and to the sweet Lisa of Pen and Ink! Your work is incredible!


8 Responses to “Just For Fun: Flower Pot Escort Cards!”

  1. angel swanson Says:

    i LOVE that you were able to bring this fantasy to life with Lisa’s help! they are absolutely darling!! i am also obsessed with navy + mustard, ever since your vision board for a wedding inspired by joe’s parents’ home out in gloucester. one day….

  2. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    Kris, these are amazing!
    And I can’t wait to play with your little rascals tomorrow. xo

  3. Jasmine* Says:

    LOVE this!! i wish we were neighbors so i could take all those left-over flowers and keep them as my own! 😉

  4. Bobby Earle Says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these!!!

  5. Last Forty Percent Says:

    These are amazing! I’m so impressed 🙂

  6. Amanda Auer Says:

    Love love love LOVE this!!

  7. Jennifer Olariu Says:

    These are simply adorable Kristin! I love how you sketch your ideas first! The tiny flower pots are darling!

  8. Amanda Johnson Says:

    I am a wedding florist out here in Arizona and I am officially in love with your work.

    It’s amazing!

    I also have website envy. 🙂

    Great job.

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