More from Amy Squires!

The delightful Amy of Amy Squires Photography sent over some more stellar images from Nichole and Mike’s red, turquoise and black wedding. I can’t get over how striking the color combo was- the fiery, moody reds against cool teal was so sassy. The black made it edgy (and not too patriotic.) After the wedding, Nichole’s mom told me she was a bit wary of the funky color scheme, but was beyond thrilled when she saw it all come together on the wedding day. Thanks to Amy Squires for sharing these gorgeous images!


You know how I feel about black dahlias!

Gotta love the blue bling!

Gotta love the blue bling!

A little something for the flower girl to hold.

A little something for the flower girl to hold.



It took a lot of intricate wiring to assemble this arch.

It took a lot of intricate wiring to assemble this arch.







The lighting was out of this world!


Black baccara roses, black magic roses, james storei orchids, tulips, blackout lilies, black dahlias, and burgundy cymbidiums.


Drama, drama, drama!



Lots of sexy red candles.

I’m off to bed for a few hours so I can wake up early for a flower mart expedition! I’ve got two rad weddings this weekend and I’ll be working mighty hard.


11 Responses to “More from Amy Squires!”

  1. Adizat Says:

    OMG! It is just gorgeous and fatabulous [ok- I know that is not a word, I just needed to make up one to describe your flowers]. Very nice. Hope you have a nice day and extra boost of energy for your upcoming events.

  2. Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride Says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thats all I’ve got – wow. Love it.

  3. Kadidja Says:

    I am so in love with this wedding and the florals that you did! Simply amazing, Kris!

  4. christina Says:

    The flowers are amazing! Where did you find those aqua crystals? I want those!

  5. Josh & Amanda Says:

    Loving it! Forwarding to a client who will likely drool… 🙂

  6. Giselle Says:

    GORGEOUS! I just discovered your web site and blog, and I’m so glad I did. I am officially a fan of your work, and I can’t wait to see more!

  7. wide open spaces Says:

    wowza. the bouquet alone was insane. really beautiful-

  8. greatflowerlady Says:

    I love this color They work well! so pretty great job!

  9. Jana Says:

    Hello! Greetings from Scotland! 🙂 I’m getting married in September and I was looking for some ideas on the internet. I came to your blog by chance but I can’t get enough of it! I alredy went through the whole archive and I wish there was more to look at! You are amazingly clever and talented! Keep up this great work! 😉

    Jana x

  10. Paola Says:

    I am so in love with floral art..I first came to realize that at my wedding, when our florists, actually two sisters, did an incredible job that I absolutely adored and fell in love with..nowadays a very dear friend of mine got married, and since her budget was low I had to help with the flower arranging..actually the bride and I made the bridal bouquet, witch was an absolutelly bounding experience and I am glad to say that the bouquet also was amazing..thank God, because we hadn’t any experience in that.
    The wedding is over now but I still search the web for floral arrangements sites because I got much more passionate and hooked up with this…I can’t imagine a more extraordinary job to ever do in tis life.. i am absoluttely thrilled that I found your blog…You are the greatest artist..and I love your desingns more than everything I have ever seen yet..and I have seen a lot in the las months…
    I just wish I could do what you did in college, run over and beg you to let me volunteer so that I could learn from you…Sadly this is not possible because I live in Romania, tousands of miles away…
    I desperately search for a trainin or course in my area, and am very sad that I can’t find anything…every florist I speak with tells me about studying this abroad…
    I hope that you write a book someday so that I somehow come to learn a few tricks about the magic works of art that you manage to accomplish..
    Love your work and will be from now on one of your most loyal blog followers,

    • thetreasuredpetal Says:

      Thank you for being such a loyal blog reader, Paola! It takes a lot of passion to do this job, and it sounds like you definitely have it. I hope you can come to the US soon and we can sit down and have lunch!

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