Alicia and Steven’s Darling Wedding

Amazing couple + Villa Del Sol D’Oro + Jasmine Star Photography + lovely Spring weather = a picture perfect wedding!

For me, it was love at first email– I had actually never physically met Alicia until the moment I handed off her bouquet. But I felt like I already knew her through all our excited emailing, and her fabulous blog, which documents every step of her wedding planning (including how she decided to hire The Treasured Petal, which I found so intriguing!)

They are quite the artsy fartsy couple: Alicia is a talented photographer and graphic designer, and Steven is a musician. I just knew their wedding would be chock full of details and sweet lovelies, and it was! I’ve never seen such cohesive design in each and every detail. Alicia made sure that everything, from her dress, to the linens, to the flowers, cake and menus pointed to her original vision for her wedding- whimsical, sweet, uber romantic, but with a little edge. As Alicia put it in our first email correspondence, “A vintage-inspired affair done in a totally modern way.”

Jasmine Star‘s work is always stellar, but she and JD really blew me away with this wedding. The following pictures are from her blog– go there and check out the slideshow for more!

Their colors- to die for! White, tan, the softest blush, and deep eggplant purple. Those were actually my original wedding colors (before I changed them 5 times). After seeing it all put together, I wish I had just stuck with them!

wowsers, her gown was incredible!

Wowsers, her gown was incredible!

alicia 3

a classic creamy bouquet of peonies, english roses, ranunculus, and then some.

A classic creamy bouquet of peonies, english roses, ranuncula, and then some, wrapped in blush satin, ivory lace and pearl edging.

Steven wore a single phaleonopsis orchid with curly willow twigs.

Steven wore a single phaleonopsis orchid with curly willow twigs.

They are both so gorgeous!  They are glowing.

A gorgeous couple! They are glowing.

alicia 7alicia 8alicia 9

It's spots like this that make Villa Del Sol D'Oro one of my favorite venues ever.

It's little spots like this balcony that make Villa Del Sol D'Oro one of my favorite venues ever.

The florals were soft and touchable, with unexpected organic elements, such as succulents, pods and twigs. Below is a rough sketch of her centerpieces. Those are dried lotus pods by the way, not chips ahoys!

centerpiece sketch

alicia 11

alicia 10

Little lounge accents.

Half the tables were stocked with square hurricanes covered with the most delicate papers, and the other half had super lush arrangements in mercury glass bowls.

Half the tables were stocked with square hurricanes covered with the most delicate tissue-thin papers, and the other half had super lush arrangements in mercury glass bowls.

A closeup of the centerpieces.  Loved the black dahlias and crazy twigs twisted around the flowers.

Lots of white and blush peonies, ranuncula, candy bianca, tibet and sahara roses, blush spray roses, curly willow, succulents and black dahlias for a little edge. Notice Alicia's handcrafted menus adorned with eggplant rosettes with pearl centers. I told you, she's good!

Sweet peas, ranunculus, and english roses.

Sweet peas, ranuncula, and english roses.

alicia 15alicia 16alicia 18alicia 19

Thank you to the coordinator, Gabby of Weddings By Shaheen, for being so very organized and helpful!

My warmest congratulations to Alicia and Steven! I adored working with you, and I’m inspired by your kindness towards me, and your love towards one another. Makes me want to hug Joe a little tighter today when he comes home from work. Thank you πŸ™‚


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10 Responses to “Alicia and Steven’s Darling Wedding”

  1. She Escobar Says:

    Dropping by from Jasmine Star’s blog. You do beautiful work!

  2. Kadidja Says:

    O.M.G Kristin!! I’ve been waiting to see this wedding since I told Alicia that she’d be a fool not to hire you ;). Everything is so amazing, I can’t pick my favorite elements. Gorgeous a million times over!

  3. Jasmine* Says:

    D.I.E!! Your work, like always, makes me just swoon with joy! When Alicia told me she’d hired you, I knew it was a match made in heaven! Love you…and your work! πŸ˜‰

  4. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    Everything is gorgeous! I keep meaning to ask you about that venue, too. It always look so amazing in photos.

    Also, I would appreciate a flower arrangement with Chips Ahoy in it. You know, in case the food gets delayed and you’re starving.

  5. Alicia Says:

    I heart you so much! You are a GENIUS! Seriously. I’m still swooning! Thank you a million zillion times over! xoxo

  6. barbara (soon to be dieppa) Says:

    Saw this post on Jasmine’s blog and I squealed! You did an amazing job!!!!!SO excited for my own wedding!!!

  7. V3 Weddings + Events Says:

    Just gorgeous! Love the soft romantic color palette – timeless!

  8. Dirt n' Diamonds Says:

    Hi! I absolutely love your work! I found you through Jasmine’s site, as well, but I live far, far away from you and found you on a website somewhere else, I’m sure.

    I love that you offer to share your tips and tricks because I plan to do my own flowers for my wedding and it’s so helpful to learn. I wanted to use Candy Bianca roses in all my bouquets and arrangements but they don’t seem very popular anymore and are hard to come by. I see you used a light, light pink rose in one of the photos posted here. I thought you might be able to share some suggestions for light pink roses that would be comparable, or better than Candy Bianca? I love the light, powdery pink colors. If you would like, you can email me []


    • thetreasuredpetal Says:

      Hi Dirt n’ Diamonds! I DID use candy bianca roses for Alicia and Steven’s wedding. There are also sahara (beige/pink) and jana spray roses. Other nice pink varieties are Alicia, Engagement, Titanic, and Star Rose. I definitely prefer candy bianca though, that’s why I chose it. It’s the softest and has such a pretty texture. Good luck!

  9. Smokin’ Hot Off The Press! « The Treasured Petal Blog Says:

    […] Hot Off The Press! By thetreasuredpetal Alicia and Steven’s wedding can be seen in all it’s glossy glory in the newest issue of The Knot […]

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