Ode To Trader Joe’s

Warning: Random post ahead. Check back soon for a picture-filled  post from Leah and David’s spicy beach wedding!

Today at Trader Joe’s I bought a whole week’s groceries for 43.00, and it only took me 20 minutes to get in and out.  How can anyone NOT afford to shop there?  I pretty much buy my same favorite items each week, but today I splurged and bought some Beef Pizzle Sticks (you don’t EVEN want to know what they’re made of!!!) for my dogs, and some more Lara Bars (healthy and delicious- can’t get enough!)

Maybe I’m totally out of the loop and everyone has already seen this cute video, but it just cracks me up every time! I recognize almost every product mentioned (yes, even the Beef Pizzle Sticks). I too have noticed the yoga moms, 5 flavors of lemonade, and the overcrowded parking lots. I too have mourned discontinued items. Actually, my friend Rachel at Heart of Light has written a few posts about this phenomenon.



3 Responses to “Ode To Trader Joe’s”

  1. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    My love affair with TJs has reached new heights since they opened one in Westwood and I don’t have to park anymore. I stop in on my way to work at least once a week. Yesterday I got a bunch of white peonies for $6.99!

  2. jesi Haack Says:

    ok, we share the same obsession with trader joes! you MUST try the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches…..or maybe you shouldnt, i am ADDICTED.

  3. Kadidja Says:

    Do you really have to torture me like this?! =)

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