Barefoot Wedding, Part 1

My nephew-in-law just married the gal of his dreams in a shady meadow under a perfectly clear Oregon sky. This was definitely a homemade affair on a super tight “college kid” budget. Joe stepped in as the photographer (thank you to my friends Jasmine Star and Trista Lerit for their last minute pep talks!), I pulled together some simple florals, and a friend cooked enough chicken pesto pasta to fill all our tummies. I do love me a fancy fete, but sometimes two lovebirds surrounded by family and friends under a big tree is all you really need.

On the plane ride up, I was a little nervous about doing florals in a strange city with no real workspace, recipes, tools, assistants… but upon entering the laid back city of Eugene, I couldn’t help but chill out. Eugene is sometimes called a “little Berkeley”, where college students, coffee shops (I’m talking REAL coffee), trees, native gardens and bikes rule. I was whisked back to my Berkeley days and felt right at home there. In fact, if the weather was ALWAYS as sunny and fresh, I might be tempted to leave California behind. Alas, I don’t like sporting the drowned rat look 80% of the year 🙂

The big adventure of our trip: We decided to pick flowers from a U-Pick flower field at the base of Mount Pisgah instead of going to a wholesale mart. Imagine a magical place where you can come with your clippers and fill your bucket with whatever wildflowers catch your eye! It was pure bliss. Not to mention the whole scene was beautiful beyond words. Thank you to the folks at Sparhawk Farms for being so kind! We paid 4.00 per handfull, and 6 buckets FULL of wildflowers was only 50.00. I personally think the farm was very generous with what they consider a “handfull”.

Helloooo gorgeous! *EDIT: I’m referring to the scenery below, not myself above!!!*

u pick collage 1Our lovely bride, Sara, picking the flowers she would soon hold on her wedding day.

Fresh lavender, queen anne’s lace, and funky blue wildflowers whose name I cannot recall (can anyone identify? they are NOT cornflower/bachelor buttons…)

u pick collage 2

A closeup of the funky blue flowers…

I was overjoyed to find rows and rows of floral delicacies: blossoming hypericum berries, chinese lantern flowers, and delicate lysimachia which can be pretty pricey at the flower mart. All mine for 4.00 a handfull!

u pick collage 3

Starting to assemble some no-fuss bouquets… no color scheme- we just went buck wild!

I’ll be posting pics of Josh and Sara’s barefoot wedding soon!


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7 Responses to “Barefoot Wedding, Part 1”

  1. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    Such a fun way to do a casual wedding! I can’t wait to see your creations.

  2. Jasmine* Says:

    Augh, I’m DYING…I would’ve loved to picked flowers along side you!! I can’t wait to see wedding photos…I think Joe needs his own blog now! 😉

  3. Tasia Says:

    I love your work! I am still new in the floral industry, and one day I hope to be able to create the same caliber of arrangements that you do 🙂

    and I think that the flower that you were wondering about is a Nigella 🙂

  4. Lynn Says:

    Tasia is right. The blue flower is Nigella damascena. Also known as love-in-a-mist or devil-in-the-bush. Depends on you mood, I guess! I love it! What fun it must have been to pick your own flowers!

  5. thetreasuredpetal Says:

    Thanks Lynn and Tasia! It is now my favorite blue flower 🙂 I even saw it at the LA mart the other day. It held up decently despite the heat. And those pods are sooo funky!

  6. Caithlin Says:

    The funky blue flowers are a favourite of mine – I am from Zimbabwe and they grow well in Africa – they are called agapanthus. Hope that helps

  7. Caithlin Says:

    sorry – you obviously know the agapanthus – are they not love in the mist? nigella? I grew them from seed myself in the summer

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