Happy Arrangements, Happy Friday!

It’s been a bit of a challenging week (still recovering from my sister’s  wedding last weekend), but today has been wonderful so far.  The highlight?  A mockup with one of favorite brides and one of my favorite coordinators which ended in tears by the bride (HAPPY tears of course!)  I cannot wait for Aaron and Barbara’s fantastic flamenco inspired wedding coming up.  There will be tapas, flamenco dancing, flirty black lace, embroidered linens, espresso beans, and luscious red and wine florals.

To go with my good mood, here are a few happy arrangements captured by Jasmine Star during our Anytime shoot.  Thanks Jasmine!

kristin anytime 039

kristin anytime 063

lemons, campanula, leptospernum, china mums, parrot tulips, viburnum.

kristin anytime 064

kristin anytime 066

Hydrangea, viburnum, ranuncula, sweet peas, delphinium, lilac, anenomes, campanula, peony roses... Hmm, what's NOT in this arrangement?

Part of my good mood may be due to the fact that Pesto had his first in-home obedience training session last night. Since we got Basil, Pesto’s been acting up and snapping a lot.  His trainer gave us a good prognosis, and said we’d soon have the sweet, docile cavalier we’ve always wanted.  There’s hope!

kristin anytime 037

Looks can be deceiving... Pesto can be a real brat.

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 Responses to “Happy Arrangements, Happy Friday!”

  1. barbara (soon to be dieppa) Says:

    Ahhhh! Kristin! What a surprise! After meeting with you again today I became so excited with how everything is turning out! I’m enjoying the flowers and the scent that they are leaving in my house! 😉 Your creativity and talent shows through in the work that you do! Thank you again for sharing your spirit and talent with me and Aaron for our wedding!

  2. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    Congratulations to your sis! Can’t wait to hear more about how the wedding went, my dear!

  3. Marysia Says:

    How was your sis’ wedding? Do we get to see any pix of the flowers? Hope your doing well!

  4. jesi haack weddings Says:

    I love these arrangements!!!!!!!!

  5. Jasmine* Says:

    Dear Pesto…Don’t listen to what anyone says..you’re PERFECT! 😉

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