Temecula Wedding, Revisited

While chatting over tapas at Lola GasparTrista Lerit handed me a cd of images from the vibrant winery wedding we did together months back.  Even though this wedding took place as spring was blooming, the jewel tones are so PERFECT for Fall, and I couldn’t resist revisiting this wedding.  Especially since the weather is feeling more brisk and autumnal and I’m starting to drink hot tea instead of iced.  That definitely means Fall is near.  I welcome it!




Texture!  Color!  Dimension!  Everything I love about floral design rolled into one arch.


Creamy white callas against cherry dresses.



I really appreciate the time my assistant took to decorate the cake.  Each calla and fiddle fern is perfectly placed.



Proof that flowers make people smile!




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5 Responses to “Temecula Wedding, Revisited”

  1. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    Those bouts are fabulous! I love how understated they are.

  2. John Abendroth Says:

    I was at that wedding! 😀 What are Jenny-Lyn and James doing? I wonder. 🙂 Do you know? Those cupcakes were really good! My mom e-mailed me the link to your site! See you later! 😉


  3. simplymodernweddings Says:

    those callas are to die for!

  4. Annaliza Smith Says:

    Check it out… I come to visit your blog to see how my most favorite florist is doing… and HEY – IT’S MY WEDDING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Hahahaha! We JUST got our album from Trista and are loving it. I took her disc of pics and pretty much printed most of them and put them in another album! But I printed damn near ALL of the floral ones because I still cannot believe the amazing work you did for our wedding… we STILL get compliments on it whenever people look at our pictures. THANKS AGAIN!
    And yes please… double date some time when our schedule slows down. It’s my birthday weekend, so we have friends coming in from out of town, but hopefully when the Fall sets in, we won’t have as many outdoorsy activities! BIG HUGS!!!

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