A little break!

This was a crazy but wonderful month!  I had 5 beautiful weddings in 3 short weeks.  Lots of running around and early morning trips to  L.A.  As wedding season calms down and I have a chance to breathe, I am making it a priority to fit in some extracurriculars.

  • I am now enrolled in a dance school, taking adult hip hop and ballet classes 🙂
  • In an attempt to declutter and spiff up my home, I’ll be signing up for emails from Fly Lady (thanks Angel for the tip!).
  • Oh yeah, after much resistance, I finally joined facebook!  Guess what, it’s fun!  Don’t know why I held out so long!
  • I’m also making more lunch and dinner dates with my best buddies.

This afternoon I spent some quality time with  my girls Angel Swanson and Trista Lerit at the incredible Vietnamese restaurant Brodard Chateau.  You MUST try their Vietnamese Crepe (crispity, crunchity, savory and sweet) and their famous spring rolls.  Angel nailed it when she said, “Why does any other restaurant even attempt to make spring rolls?”

Thanks girls for being such sweet friends!  I always look forward to our chats where I know I’ll get a good dose of belly laughs, encouragement and total craziness.

cavalier day 025


cavalier day 024

We're all rocking the boots- must be Fall!


4 Responses to “A little break!”

  1. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    Those spring rolls are to die for! The absolute best (and around Westminster, that’s a pretty serious compliment).

  2. angel swanson Says:

    love you soooo mucho! and i love our hapa lunches!! xoxo

  3. Trista Lerit Says:

    Yay! I love our happa lunches! They are always the highlight to “down” season..we got to squeeze as many lunches as possible before the next wedding season rolls around! Hugs!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Oh look! It’s our florist, photographer, and coordinator! How gorgeous and talented! 🙂

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