Birch Pole Chuppah

I love this chuppah. It was lovingly built by my two nephews from Yosemite.  It’s very simple- constructed of 8 natural birch poles, some metal rods and carpenter screws. It’s insanely heavy. But it’s a gorgeous ceremony backdrop and so versatile.  I can see it draped with khaki linen and strung with orchids and coral. I can see it covered with succulents and  moss.  I can see it accented with curly willow branches with hanging lanterns…

This is how I saw it last month at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point- swagged in red and wine chiffon, and subtly accented with lush clusters of flowers.  Can’t wait to see how many ways I can dress this baby!


The ceremony spot  was perfectly framed by this beautiful old tree, on which we showcased our paper parasols dripping with orchids! Many more fun surprises from this wedding to show you in due time.  The vendor team was out of this world!


Off to Costco to start my holiday shopping! Cuz Fly Lady told me to 🙂

One Response to “Birch Pole Chuppah”

  1. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    It’s such a beautiful chuppah! You’re a lucky girl and I can tell you’re going to have fun with it!

    And it cracks me up that you’re starting your holiday shopping at Costco. Should I expect a 96 pack of Christmas cookies at our party?

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