Masquerade Masks

I like working with fabric, sequins and feathers *almost* as much as I love working with fresh flowers.  My ideal evening is crafting in front of old Party of Five reruns.

This was my little project last week:  Two outrageous  masks I made for myself and my best bud, Angel Swanson, to wear to a masquerade ball hosted by The Bridal Bar.

I used a luxe brocade fabric for the mask form, black and purple dyed ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, and black tulle accented with swarovski crystal beads.  The finishing touch: flirty feather eyelashes!

Angel wanted a black and white vintage glam look for her mask.

It  features silk dupioni,  faux anenomes (her fav flower!), white ostrich feathers, black marabou feathers, and sequins galore.  Her finishing touch was the swarovski crystal tear drops on the inner eye.

The best part of the evening: watching Angel drive through Beverly Hills wearing her crazy mask, with the feathers flapping in the wind (as other drivers stared in confusion).  Priceless!  That girl has no shame.

These masks would be the PERFECT quirky prop for wedding pictures.  Almost as awesome as those mustaches on sticks that people seem to be rocking lately 🙂  I can also imagine donning one of these at a New Year’s Eve or bachelorette party.  Could you pull off one of these flambouyantly fabulous masks?


6 Responses to “Masquerade Masks”

  1. Ala Says:

    you are too cute for words! i love your creativity missy! xo

  2. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    They turned out so perfectly, Kris! Maybe you need to start a little side business?

  3. Lizzie Says:

    SO ADORABLE! That also reminded me of Angel’s wedding day when she drove herself from the hair/makeup with her veil flappin’ all over the place in the wind – yet another *crazy Angel* moment 😉

  4. angel swanson Says:

    krissy — is there any creative project you CAN’T conquer?? 😉 i wholeheartedly agree with rachel. and is it wrong that i think a toned down mask is a totally appropriate daily-wear accessory?? jk jk jk… or am i?? xoxo (p.s. i love lizzie for remember that! haha)

  5. simply modern weddings Says:

    those masks were SO fabulous! i just wanted one just to have for fun. you need to go on etsy and sell some girlie!

  6. jl_designs Says:

    SO FUN meeting you that night! Those masks were outta control fabness!!! Xoxo

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