An Anniversary Bouquet

I created a special 5 year wedding anniversary bouquet and bout for Jodi and Fraser.  They had traveled from Vegas to California to be photographed by one of my favorite photographers, Gabriel Ryan.

Jodi was having a hard time pinning down her bouquet.  Her only requirements were that it be really round and full (she said “like a basketball on a stick”), colorful but not TOO colorful.  Luckily, Jodi said I somehow read her mind and created something that she really loved!

I went searching for the perfect flowers in the pewter and mauve family.  I found multi-hued hydrangea, white ranuncula, faith and sahara roses,  slate blue privet berries, pink cockscomb, and two varieties of purple dahlias.  My favorite element was the gray brunia berries which perfectly matched the silver pearls in her necklace.

Check out more gorgeous images on Gabriel Ryan’s blog!

Check out those piercing baby blues!  Totally working it!

Congratulations on 5 very sweet years of marriage!


5 Responses to “An Anniversary Bouquet”

  1. loveandsplendor Says:

    goooorgeous! the bouquet is so lovely and the perfect prop in these photos. 🙂 can you believe me and erik celebrate 5 next year??? i’m thinking i’ll pull out my wedding dress again… LOL

  2. simply modern weddings Says:

    such a beautiful bouquet…i just LOVE the color! congrats to the happy couple on 5 years!

  3. Brianna Phelan Says:

    Beautiful images, flowers, dress, bride 🙂

  4. Vanessa @ V3 Says:

    One of the prettiest bouquets I have seen! It’s so simple and perfect!

  5. Life with Kaishon Says:

    Wow. That bouquet is gorgeous as can be. Just stunning! You do amazing work!

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