In The Brancaleone Household

The 2009 wedding season has come to an end, and I find myself with time Lots of it! Time to take hikes  (and naps) with the pups,  time to give the house a little TLC, and time to get crafty for craft’s sake.

Now, a little show and tell!

Here’s Basil getting a little massage from daddy.  No joke, we hired a dog trainer to come to our home and teach us how to be the alpha ‘rents.  One of the nuggets of wisdom we took away- dog massage techniques.  Basil is less skittish with strangers because of it!  Speaking of massages, I could use one, too!  (Hint hint, Joe.)

Pesto and Basil cuddling in a sun spot in the kitchen.  Thanks to our trainer, they cuddle more and fight less.

Last night, I combined two of my passions: Christopher Guest mockumentaries and fuzzy pom pom balls!  Here’s a quirky little wreath I made last night while watching “Best In Show”.

Super simple!  I cheated and bought a grapevine wreath from a craft store as the base.  I cut out green felt holly leaves, red pom poms for the holly berries, and tucked in some festive red berries, cinnamon, and red cardinals.

I also got bangs!  My hairstylist said they’d look cute.  I think she just wants me to come back every two weeks for a bang trim :/ Smart woman!

Was this post random enough?

Happy Holidays!


4 Responses to “In The Brancaleone Household”

  1. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    The doggy massage is so cute! Maybe I’ll try that with Circe. I got her a special brush that she actually likes, so that kind of counts, I think.

    And the bangs are adorable – it’s not just your hairdresser!

  2. angel swanson Says:

    i love your bangs, but you already knew that. we’re twins more than ever!!! 🙂 love love love your quirky wreath and will try not to completely copy it. xo

  3. paola Says:

    You look great!Happy holidays!

  4. JL_DESIGNS Says:

    omg – a frenchie getting a puppy massage!???! i have died and gone to heaven…that is the cutest picture ever!!! xoxo, c

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