Christmas Highlights

*Chung Family Christmas Eve* We crammed 18 people into our 1200 square foot house for a Korean BBQ feast.  I purchased 35 pounds of beef short ribs, and we only ate half of it.  Anyone want to come over and help us eat it all?

Here I am making Pajeon, a traditional seafood and vegetable pancake.  Flipping these over was a challange!

I got to use my new favorite tool:  The Candle Carver.  I won this at a gift exchange and can’t wait to put this to work at a wedding!

We decorated simply (and cheaply), using green water goblets filled with daisies, mums and evergreen boughs scattered all over the house.

I even put my old sake bottles to use!

Pesto’s present confused him:

It took Basil 5 minutes to destroy hers!
By the end of the night, they were totally pooped…
I have to admit, the presents and Christmas lights don’t hold quite as much wonder for me as they did when I was a child.  But the wonder of my Savior’s birth, who humbly came down to earth and died to take away the sins of the world grows dearer to me each year.
Merry Christmas, and warm wishes for the new year!

3 Responses to “Christmas Highlights”

  1. Vera D. Says:

    Your dogs are so cute! I also liked how you used the green vintage water goblets. 🙂

  2. Erica B. Says:

    What a lovely dinner and the video of your dogg barking at the gift was too funny!

  3. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    Oh, I wish I were closer! I would have happily helped out with those short ribs.
    P.S. Haven’t forgotten my lab assignment. I’ll make sure to take a peek around this week and get back to you.

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