Favorites of 2009!

Well, our dried up Christmas tree has been kicked to the curb, and holiday decorations have been loaded into the attic.  That means the new year is here, and I’m busy looking forward to the fabulous weddings, side projects, and other possibilities ahead in 2010.  I’m excited to see how The Treasured Petal will continue to bloom and grow!

I would like to take a minute to reflect on this year, and share with you a few of my favs!

Favorite Bridal Bouquet: Sex in the City inspired bouquet from Jasmine Star’s workshop!

(photos from Jasmine Star’s Blog)

Favorite Bridesmaid’s Bouquet: The fresh herbs took these all-green bouquets to the next level.  Plus, they pop so beautifully against the pewter dresses! (photo by Amy Squires and Co.)

Favorite Bout: There’s something so special about this simple  rose hip, eucalyptus and cymbidium bout from Hanna and Richard’s wedding.

(photo by The Image Is Found)

Favorite Ceremony Setup: Because this arch pretty much defied gravity, I have to choose this red, black and blue ceremony setup from Nicole and Mike’s wedding.  

(photo by Amy Squires and Co.)

Favorite Color Combo: Loved the fresh creams and greens with a touch of black to give it an edge, from Kathy and Greg’s wedding.

(photo by Gabriel Ryan)

Favorite Centerpiece: I had to wink and smile at every bev-mo employee in town to collect enough wine crates for these centerpieces from Annaliza and Corey’s wedding.  Definitely worth the schmoozing!  (photo by Trista Lerit Photography)

Favorite Cake: Craspedia make me happy, especially sticking out of a cake like lollipops!  From Julia and James’ wedding.

Favorite Detail:  These suspended orchid-filled parasols! 

(Photo by Michael Norwood)

There are still over 5 weddings from 2009  I’m waiting to share with you, including my hands down favorite wedding of all time.

Cheers to 2010!  I have a fun little project to share with you in the coming week, so stay tuned!!!


2 Responses to “Favorites of 2009!”

  1. janet Says:

    I love the bouquets, the boutonniere and the wine crate centerpiece. Wait, didn’t I just see that bout on The Bride’s Cafe Blog? 😉 Congrats on the feature!

  2. Jennifer Olariu Says:

    I am such a big fan of your work!! I absolutely loved the craspedia balls and pink anenomes cake! And my absolute favorite was the wine crate centerpieces! sooo innovative!

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