Fresh lime at the Shade Hotel

Good golly Mrs. Molly! I so enjoyed working with Molly and John to create the perfect simple, modern atmosphere for their October wedding.    It was my first time working with Amelia Lyon Photography, and I am just blown away by their style and talent. Some of the coolest portraits I’ve ever seen.

This picture captures Molly’s happy vibe just perfectly.

I love John’s glasses!  I splurged on some Prada librarian glasses last year.  I would wear them more if only my dog Basil hadn’t chewed them up.

Fresh greens, creams and chocolate brown were the perfect color combo for The Shade, a chic, modern boutique hotel with a gorgeous courtyard where the festivities took place.

Molly’s bouquet was lush and fragrant, with creamy gardenias, cymibidiums, arabicum, viburnum, and more.

Her dress- clean and simple, with perfect pleating.

Deep wooden columns and boxes were bursting with crisp green cymbidiums.

A few details:

Guess who did the calligraphy?  Molly! I knew she worked in some sort of chemistry lab, but I had no idea about this hidden talent.

I have such warm feelings about this wedding.  Every interaction with Molly was a joy and pleasure!  Even my staff raved about  her kindness and calm spirit on the wedding day.  Thank you to Molly and John for allowing us the honor!


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One Response to “Fresh lime at the Shade Hotel”

  1. joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    so funny- when I saw this on Amelia’s blog I wondered if you were the florist because I saw those green goblets 🙂 Love it!

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