The Treasured Petal Boutique!

Announcing my brand new etsy shop, The Treasured Petal Boutique!

I am selling items to have (decor), to hold (ring pillows and flower girl baskets), and to wear (accessories galore) for weddings and everyday.

I LOVE working with fresh flowers. They are evidence of God’s artistry, they smell divine and offer endless design possibilities.

Golden Carnation

But there is something comforting about creating nonperishable items that will never ever wilt or die.  Plus I can do it in my pajamas in front of old movies whenever wedding season  slows down.   Now I’m able to sell T-Petal creations to people all over the world, not just to my dear brides in L.A. and O.C.

Athena, In Gold

Can you tell that my stomach has butterflies in it? It is way intimidating to dive into etsy waters.  Especially when there are so many artists selling gorgeous pieces (heartoflight, whichgoose, and twigsandhoney are among my favs!) But I do believe I am bringing something special to the etsy community, so  stop by my shop and take a look around.  I will be adding items almost everyday, and shipping is just 2.00 to the U.S.!


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8 Responses to “The Treasured Petal Boutique!”

  1. barbara Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait to go shoppin’!

  2. jane Says:

    cute stuff!!

  3. joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    yay! Way to go girl 🙂

  4. Trista Lerit Says:

    You are going to do FABULOUSLY!!! You were born to have an Etsy shop…so excited!! We need to celebrate 🙂

  5. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    Everything looks great, Kris! Congratulations and welcome to Etsy!

  6. Kelley Says:

    Hey there! I love your headbands, and the Golden Carnation one! I just know you’re going to do really well on Etsy.

  7. esther kim Says:

    OH MY GOSH…. you continue to blow me away everytime… I HEART everything you’re selling at etsy!!!! I must must blog about your talent soon!!! where do you find time to do all this, kristin? it seems like you’re so busy with all the weddings.

  8. Melissa Says:

    I love it all Kristin! I put a post up about your shop on my new blog:)

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