For The Orchid Lovers!

The structure of this orchid…

lime green cymbidium

Inspired this belt.

the triple lime cymbidium sash

doubles as a headband

And this orchid…

a perfect white cymbidium

via flickr

Inspired this bridal clip!

wispy white cymbidium clip

It’s super fun and challenging to interpret my favorite flowers in fabric form, making them realistic but stylized at the same time.  For example, I’ve always been fascinated (and grossed out) by the lip of an orchid.  It kind of looks like a tongue sticking out at you!  How do you translate that into a beautiful accessory?  With layers of ruffles and beads.

I have many more etsy lovelies to unveil, so stop by the shop!

As for fresh flowers, I’ll be busy the next two weeks working on TWO amazing floral photoshoots (can’t wait to share) and a gorgeous winter wedding.  That means lots of earllllly trips to L.A., which in turn means lots of earlllly trips to my beloved Peet’s Coffee (they open at 5:00!)


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2 Responses to “For The Orchid Lovers!”

  1. Jasmine* Says:

    SOOOO proud of you!! Now I’m trying to think of when I can wear fresh flowers somewhere!! Can’t wait to order one for myself soon! 🙂

  2. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    They look beautiful, Kris!

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