Peach and Periwinkle Bouquet

When Jasmine Star asked me to create a bouquet  for The Workshop, she gave me free reign over it, like she always does.  No set color palette, no set theme, just make it hot!

Here’s my thought process when creating a bouquet where there are no parameters, which is totally fun but a little intimidating.

I look at what I DO know. I knew the dress by Joan Shum would be short, beaded, corset style- very Audrey Hepburn.  I knew the couple beforehand (they are great friends of my sister, and I’m proud to say I suggested them to Jasmine for the shoot!)  Jodi is tall, blonde, and beautiful, but by no means ordinary.  There is a striking edginess to her facial structure (her doppleganger is Sandra Bullock- do you see it???)  Plus, she’s quite quirky and hilarious, too. Not exactly a delicate little flower 🙂

-This leads me to the “feel” or “vibe” of the bouquet. Beautiful,  vintage-inspired, feminine, but by no means girly, with a bit of glam.

I decide on a color palette. How?  Sometimes totally randomly.  In this case, I started with peach (because it’s soft but not too girly), added a little tangerine to keep it happy, and brought in contrasting periwinkle blue.  Why?  Because  I’ve never seen a wedding in these colors and wanted to give it a whirl.

I choose the flowers. Usually I preorder, but in this case, I winged it and went to the flower mart to pick from what was available.   The Monday after Valentine’s Day is a little bit slim pickin’s, but I did manage to find some amazing treasures there

My catches of the day?   Beautiful peach shampoo ginger (they really do smell like shampoo!), blue muscari/grape hyacinth, orange stars of Bethlehem, and peach nerine lilies.

-I create and add finishing touches.  I wanted a tightly packed, textural bouquet with groupings of blue muscari.  I also tucked in silver hand-beaded leaves (my athena clips in silver!) to coordinate with the intricate beading on the dress.  I love the way silver looks with peach.

And there you go!  A peach and periwinkle bouquet!

Jodi and Matt are the cutest!

Way to “smeyes”, Jodi!  Gorgeous hair and makeup by Vivian Tran and the All Made Up team.  She’s the sweetest!

An athena clip tucked into the bout adds a bit of sparkle.  Yep, each and every bead is hand-sewn, because that’s how I roll!

A million thanks to Jasmine for allowing me to take part in The Workshop!


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6 Responses to “Peach and Periwinkle Bouquet”

  1. janet Says:

    That bouquet is absolutely stunning! It has such an unexpected palette, and is perfectly executed.

    I also find that I do some of my best work when I allow myself to be inspired by what’s at the market. It’s fun to work without a recipe!

  2. christina Says:

    wow, that really came out super amazing kris! i am in love with the shampoo ginger!

  3. Buttrphli Says:

    hahaa Smeyes~?!!! Love iiitttt!

  4. JL_DESIGNS Says:

    GORGEOUS color combo!!! i think we are gonna see a surge in the color peach this year…its a popular one! now will someone be as bold as you and pair it with periwinkle? i hope so! 🙂

  5. Luscious Lilac Bouquet « The Treasured Petal Blog Says:

    […] Star “collection” includes a red white and black beauty, a Sex in the City bouquet, a peach and periwinkle bouquet, and for her  most recent workshop, this luscious lilac […]

  6. Jodi Says:

    I didn’t know you wrote a blog on this! How funny cuz I stalk your blog. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comments & seriously for hooking us with that wonderfully awesome day with Jasmine *! LOVED my bouquet ~ you are so talented and so creative, I can’t get over it! 🙂

    Love ya friend! @~>~~

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