Through the Microscope

Let’s take a closer look at the many details from the Style Lab, shall we?


Hanging orbs (from CB2) and lightbulbs (made by TPetal)

II. IN THE GLASS (rare and wonderful botanicals)

Underneath that cloche you’ll find the most delicate, sweet smelling oncidium orchids, still wet from the rain.

White amaryllis, dancing lady orchids, craspedia, and narcissus.

Cute leaning craspedia.

Zinnia-gerbs, narcissus, gloriosa lilies

A grouping of neon orange zinnia-gerbs pop in this arrangement.

Potted succulents and cacti.  Don’t you love those hairy creatures?

Raindrops, not sweat!


Specimen jars at each place setting.  Each guest had a unique botanical element.

Shadowboxes of pinned butterflies  that Angel dreamed up.

Test tubes to wear as bouts and corsages, filled with submerged petals, berries, and other plant parts. The water magnified them beautifully.

This wrought ion test tube rack was one of my favorite finds!


Thank you to Angel Swanson for choosing me as the florist for this project.  She always inspires me, nurtures my wild ideas, and stokes the fires of creativity.

A huge thank you to Boutwell Studio for capturing each and every detail, in like 20 minutes flat.  Amazing!

For detailed vendor info, check out the Love and Splendor blog!


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5 Responses to “Through the Microscope”

  1. loveandsplendor Says:

    i never ever get tired of these photos. 🙂 you are my creative twin; i love working with you!! xoxo

  2. christina Says:

    As an ex-premed student, I love what you guys did for this shoot. It’s so geek chic!

  3. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    It’s so lovely, all of it! And the rain makes it even more beautiful.

  4. Vy Says:

    love love love!!!

  5. christina Says:

    love all the little details. you and angel are true geniuses!

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