Arch Inspiration: L’Occitane

I love a beautiful wedding arch.  I think of arches as the gateway to a new life together (sorry for the cheese factor).  I’m also reminded of the Biblical symbol of God’s grace- the rainbow.  And practically speaking, arches are the perfect way to frame the couple in pictures.

But I do try to be creative and tasteful when decorating arches.  Too much shiny fabric and big funeral-like flowers  can make a good arch go wrong- terribly wrong.

Seems like L’Occitane sees the beauty in the arch, too.

Below, a sweet mini arch made of pink blossoming branches.  This would be so lovely for a wedding (about 50x bigger, of course!)

Lemon leaf boughs form the perfect frame for this product.  Whatever it is, I want to buy it!  Translating this to a wedding would be easy- tons of lemon leaves woven through an arch with lemons on the branch scattered throughout.

This last one- the two reeds tied together at the top with rope and strung with tiny yellow bouquets- gets me every time.  Can I go there, please?   I remember seeing this poster in the store window, and just staring at it for a long time.  I love that the bouquets are strung right-side-up (upside down bouquets remind me of death…)

Now, let the commercial take you to a peaceful, provincial place.

Will you be having a wedding arch at your wedding?  If so, is it for symbolic reasons, or do you just like how they look?


5 Responses to “Arch Inspiration: L’Occitane”

  1. Melissa @ The Loveliest Day Says:

    What a beautiful commercial! I particularly love the yellow bouquets strung onto the reed arch.

  2. christina Says:

    i am so in love with that last arch…very beautiful!

  3. bailey10 Says:

    I am very love lace wedding dress

  4. Chris Doblo Says:

    Is it possible to subscribe to your blog?

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