Beaded Shimmer Snakes

I recently discovered that I love making beaded appliques.  Bead by bead, from scratch.  I had no idea I possessed this kind of patience!

Here is my latest hand-beaded project:

It’s a sparkly silver snake wearing a big white bow!  I’m making a few of them to adorn a sash for a photo shoot coming up.

Not that I’m super into reptiles, or anything! One night, my friend Julie was wearing these gorgeous  sandals with swirly silver beading.  I gushed over them, and she preceded to take them off, hand them to me, and went home barefoot.   (Thanks Jules!)

Everytime I wear them, I can’t help but stare down.  It looks like gorgeous shimmery snakes winding around  my feet.

Hence, the urge to create  hand-beaded snake appliques.  The big white bow?  I’m a girly girl, what can I say!


3 Responses to “Beaded Shimmer Snakes”

  1. christina Says:

    adorable…i love the detail work in these! so excited to see everything come together for the shoot!

  2. Trista Lerit Says:

    umm are like the most talented friend I have! So cool!!

  3. Marysia Says:

    Kris, you have way more patience than I do to make this by hand! Jealous of your creativity!

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