Red at the Ritz!

Ok, so my last few posts have been unabashedly frou frou.  Here’s a little something different!

I love everything about this wedding, especially the bride.  Audrey is warm, hilarious, and easygoing.   Best of all, she trusted my taste, giving me freedom to be creative and take her ideas to the next level of floral fabulosity.  I really do think that’s when the most magic is made 🙂

Michael Norwood was the genius behind the lens on this one.  His pics are so consistently gorgeous.

About the decor:  There was this kind of creepy gray fog sitting on the coastline.  It wouldn’t budge.  Audrey and Alireza”s wedding took place on the Sunset Terrace at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, overlooking the ocean.   Except there was no ocean to be seen, only a heavy blanket of gray. I however LOVED this look- the effect was so moody, and the deep red and wine decor totally popped against the environment.

One recurring element that Audrey wanted to see in the decor was paper– we brought this in with paper parasols and  red paper cones.  Her only other requirement- lots of textural, interesting flowers. Nothing too conventional.  Which brings me to her bouquet:

Her bouquet- a ruby red nosegay of amaryllis.  JUST amaryllis. The bridesmaids held graceful callas wrapped in black satin.

Here’s Audrey surrounded by her gang of five flower girls.  Their wreaths are truly a work of art crafted by my assistant Montita.  Each and every rose hip and spray rose is hand wired and woven together.

I created little baskets of silk for the flowers girls to hold, and added a little glitz to them.  I know little girls appreciate the bling!

This is a dashing picture of Ali!

Here the bridesmaids wore simple white cotton dresses.  Anyone else dressing their bridesmaids in white?  Any opinions on the matter?

This birch chuppah was handbuilt by my talented nephews from Oregon, who were in town assisting me during set ups and rental pickups.  I miss them dearly- it was fabulous having some strong men around (besides my husband).    We swagged some fabric panels, cinched them with lush floral clusters, and there you have it, a striking yet simple ceremony structure.

Probably my favorite detail, and so easy to do!

We hung miniature parasols accented with sprays of james storei orchids from the beautiful tree that sits in the middle of the ceremony space. We used clear fishing line so they would look like they were floating in mid-air.  Putting the orchids in is easy- we didn’t even need to secure them.  We simply poked them through the strings in the center of the parasol and they stayed put.

Our paper cones were crafted from gorgeous filagree  Paper Source paper and filled with black baccara petals.

A different take on the unity candle tradition.  Unity wine!

Each table had a slightly different assortment of flowers divided into small square vases.  Some of our flower choices  included tulips, cockscomb, gerberas, mokara orchids, dahlias, and more.  I say this again and again, but small clustered vases are a great way to fill up a table without having to do ginormous centerpieces.

And of course, my traditional bride and groom chair flowers…

Thank you to Audrey and Ali for letting me add to the beauty of the day!  Hope you’re having a wonderful married life!

Photography: Michael Norwood Photography
Videography:  ProView Video Productions
Floral Design:  The Treasured Petal
Music:  MG Music Events, Inc.
Rentals:  Fusion Linens
Makeup and hair:  Let’s Get Beautified
Officiant:  Rev. Michael
Venue:  The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel


3 Responses to “Red at the Ritz!”

  1. janet Says:

    That amaryllis bouquet is to die for! I also love the hanging parasols lined with james storei orchids! Gorgeous!

  2. Kerrie Underhill Says:

    This was such a fun one- you (as usual) knocked it out of the park with your floral design. XO!

  3. christina Says:

    so much to love on this one: the bouquet, that fabulous arch, hanging parasols…all so beautiful! great job as always kris!

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