A Homespun Wedding: Part 2

Ok, so it took me a few days to get my stuff together, but we’re finally continuing with this cozy bird inspired wedding…

Some of the raddest bridal party portraits ever, courtesy of Sarah K. Chen!

As guests made their way to the reception, they were greeted by these sweet details.

Yay for repurposing!  The escort card table was decorated simply with the same mason jars that lined the aisle, and some loose china mums and scattered guinea feathers.  Don’t the huge mums look like tissue paper poms?

Adored Ashlee’s burlap runners along the tables, and how the vibrant greens and butter yellows popped against them.  I’m also digging how the lines of the runners mimic the deep wooden beams of the ballroom at Talega.

The round tables had various groupings of monobotanical arrangements in square glass vases.  Each table had a slightly different combo, but the ribbon and fiddle fern accents helped tie them all together.

(I’d like to add that Ashlee has incredible taste in flowers!  She fancies a huge range of blooms, from old fashioned favorites like oriental lilies and snapdragons, to funky spider mums and bells of Ireland.  I loved being able to incorporate  flowers that I don’t often get to use for weddings.)

We used oblong glass vases stuffed with a gorgeous variety of mixed flowers.  Ashlee told me the guests were just RAVING about the china mums! I also couldn’t resist adding a little fiddle fern “heart” in each arrangement.

I love a lavishly decorated cake table, don’t you?  I remember the viburnum balls (bottom-center) being particularly poofy that week.

The fabulous Kerrie Underhill and her staff transferred some of the arch flowers to the sweetheart table.  She did an amazing job at placing them just so!

I worked with hundreds of  craspedia (billy balls) for last week’s wedding, and I still gush whenever I see them!  I will never get sick of that flower.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I LOVE working with yellow flowers.  To be surrounded by them gives me such a rush of energy (kind of like the Peet’s coffee I’m drinking right this moment 🙂

One of my brides is having a cheery yellow wedding in a few weeks.  She was starting to doubt her choice in colors, but then stumbled upon a poem she had written as a kid about how much she loved the color yellow.  Her fate was sealed long ago- a yellow wedding it must be!  I can’t wait to share that one!  My 2010 weddings seriously rock.


5 Responses to “A Homespun Wedding: Part 2”

  1. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    So lovely! I almost called you with a billy ball crisis on Saturday night. I was making an arrangement for my friend and I couldn’t get them to look just right. I got extremely frustrated, considered calling it quits, and then carefully pulled all the flowers out of the vase and started over. Second time around was much more successful. Thank goodness.

    • thetreasuredpetal Says:

      Rachel- I often do that- don’t feel discouraged! I’ve taken apart huge centerpieces and redone them. They always look better the second time! BTW, is that the arrangement that you showed us on your blog (well, at least the vase and gift tag?)

  2. christina Says:

    very sweet wedding kris…i love how happy the mums make me feel!

  3. loveandsplendor Says:

    cannot WAIT for the cheery yellow wedding in a few weeks. 🙂 it’s going to be sooo gorgeous. hoping we get to hear that poem, too… ❤ xoxo

  4. barbara dieppa Says:

    gorgeous !!! Your work is always so amazing

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