A Manly Table!

So, how’s a girl like me ( high school cheerleader,  favorite color is fuchsia, takes ballet, prefers dresses over jeans any day) supposed to come up with a kick butt manly table? With the help of  the adorable superwomen Lucia and Henny of D’Lish designs, anything is possible!

Talented photographer and all around great guy, Jeffrey Neal asked D’Lish and I to collaborate on a detail-rich tablescape for his photography workshop.  He only asked that the table NOT be too pretty, froufrou, ruffly and that it use the color orange (his favorite color.)  Oh yeah, and if we could work in beer and cigars?  Even better!

To set the vibe, Lucia showed me pictures of this amazing Laguna Beach hotel, La Casa del Camino. 10  companies teamed up with 10 interior designers to create 10 completely unique surfer-styled suites.  The Roxy and Quicksilver rooms are my favorites. I dig the retro wood veneer contrasted with industrial metal, the bright pops of color, the touches of animal fur and other eco elements like branches and succulents.

So that’s the look we were trying to capture- California coast meets California semi-desert, with a laid back surfer dude attitude.

I was so excited to see that our table was featured in the newly released “Man Issue” of Utterly Engaged E-Zine!  Read the article– it’s hilarious!

And now, I present to you a table that would keep any group of guys occupied for hours.  That’s even without the grub!

Our color combo was all shades of brown, metallic gray, persimmon orange, olive green and touches of grayish blue.

Gotta love the sand colored linen topped with a cow hyde.  Perfect for any surfer cowboy. One of D’Lish’s crazy ideas that totally worked!

I chose flowers that I thought guys would appreciate-tropicals like birds of paradise and proteas, icy blue thistle,  spiky pincushions, and pods. You know, flowers that can also be used as weapons.  haha

Decorative kale, too!

***Ok, any guys out there- at a flower shop I used to work at, the hilarious delivery guy  Dennis told me he imagines that each arrangement is a little jungle, and there is a little mini Dennis climbing up the flowers and swinging from leaf to leaf.  Like Tarzan.  Is this a normal guy thing?

My favorite detail of all:  cacti planted in buddha nuts! Totally replantable, too.

Lucia and Henny picked out the most perfect veneer plates that matched my veneer vases!

I also used some square steel vases.

Not that my hubby doesn’t enjoy my flowers, but I have a feeling he’d be more stoked about the exotic beer and cigars.

And there you have it, proof that even a girly girl can come up with a pretty “man-ical” table!


4 Responses to “A Manly Table!”

  1. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    So cute, hon! Or whatever the manly equivalent of cute is. : )

  2. French Bulldog Puppies | French Bulldog Puppies And Their Allergies | French Bulldog Puppies For Sale.info Says:

    […] A Manly Table! « The Treasured Petal Blog […]

  3. Jodi Says:

    LOVED the manliness protruding through the masculine flowers, exotic beer, cigars and cow hide! Great job honey bunches!! Awesome work for such a girly-girl! ❤ Or anyone for that matter.

    I think every man wishes to be Tarzan…lol!

    The article is hilarious! And I think all men would agree that any type of lettuce belongs in the centerpieces not on their plate. 🙂

  4. Joe branca Says:

    dude, that’s the bomb!

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