Blog Goggles

I’ve been a blog slacker lately-  sorry for the lack of posting!

My excuses are:

1) I’ve been busy! Not just with business, but with the joys and trials of life… more to come on that 😉

2) I’m not really allowed to post the images from  most of my recent weddings  because they are being submitted to various blogs and whatnot.

3) I haven’t had my “blog goggles” on.  There is a whole world of random and wonderful things to blog about, besides  real weddings.  But you’ve got to have your “blog goggles” on to be able to spot a blogworthy tidbit when you see it.

To break this blog hiatus, here’s a sneak peek from one of the weddings I’m not supposed to to share yet.  It can’t hurt to reveal just the bouquet and corsages, right???

A muted bouquet to make your heart flutter- ranuncula, anenomes, juliet garden roses, white lilac and freesia.

I thought these corsages were kind of darling.  Tiny pink roses and foliage from around my house 🙂

Just had to throw this one in because I love it!

Thank you to Dennis and Jaime Viera from Viera Photographics for sending these images.  I’m always blown away by your work!  They have a truly unique style and point of view when they capture weddings.  Check out their blog post on Soo and Seong’s wedding here.


2 Responses to “Blog Goggles”

  1. christina Says:

    oooh…love that last shot! (i have been a blog slacker too..haha!)

  2. soo Says:

    kristin, you are amazing 🙂 thank you for breathtaking flowers at our wedding! we’ve received so many compliments!

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