Bridal Bazaar!

Here’s my chance to make my garage a bit more earthquake safe.  I’m getting rid of the heaps of glass vases, pottery, manzanita branches, metal urns, candles, and more stacked up precariously on my shelves.  Please come take it off my hands!

It’s a flea market of sorts that will take place at In the Now’s gorgeous studio.

The Designers On-Board So Far:
1. In The Now
2. Events of Love and Splendor
3. Joyful Weddings and Events
4. Jesi Haack Weddings
5. Simply Modern Weddings
6. The Treasured Petal 🙂
7. JL Designs

Not only will I be selling off neat-o wedding containers and trinkets for great prices, I will be displaying some  of my handcrafted etsy accessories to see, try on, and take home!

Here are a few recent creations that may make their appearance…

A froufy white cocktail hat with bunched up veiling and a fluffy feather flower. So chic!

And here is a headband inspired by a stem of rich purple phalaenopsis orchids.  I wanted it to look like the stem is wrapped over the head.  Each petal is handcut, stiffened, and singed around the edges to give it a bit of natural curve.

Thanks so much to Ashleigh Taylor Photography for sending over these images from  two super stylish photoshoots!

See you at the Bazaar!!!


2 Responses to “Bridal Bazaar!”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    That Bridal Bazaar ad looks just like your own writing and doodling! I had to do a double-take to check! … and the egregious typo would not be your’s 😉

  2. ashleigh Says:

    yay!!! so fun to see these pics on your site! hope the bazaar goes well!! i’d stop by except i’ll be in hawaii 🙂

    love your work oh so much!!!!!

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