She came bearing flowers!

Two dear old friends were in town, and came over for some homemade pizzas and lots of girl talk.  When I opened the door, Jules was holding a vase of freshly cut flowers from her parents garden (this garden!) in one hand, and a fist full of heirloom tomatoes and onions straight from the ground in her other hand.  Her homegrown tidings completely made my day.

I love that the roses are at all stages of life- some tight buds, some crisp and open, some soft and shedding their petals.  This life cycle isn’t something I can usually capture in my wedding arrangements, as most brides aren’t too hip on “dying”  roses!  I think they are beautiful though 🙂

I have never, I mean NEVER, seen zinnias this large and vibrant at the flower mart.  If I did, I would buy zinnias much more often!  ‘Tis the season for them!

I love receiving flowers even though I’m around them constantly.  I wonder if bakers still like receiving cupcakes, or if they’re totally sick of them?


4 Responses to “She came bearing flowers!”

  1. indie.tea Says:

    Those zinnias are lovely, the colors all go so well together, and the roses are gorgeous too.

  2. Rachel (heart of light) Says:

    So gorgeous! Homegrown flowers are always special.

  3. Millie V. Says:

    I love getting flowers too! In fact I poke and nudge my hubbies into getting me flowers all the time. I don’t think he gets it though. Enjoy these beauties. (Makes me want to start planting a new garden)

  4. Laurie (Fleurie) Says:

    I love getting flowers too! I have had the most beautiful zinnias in my cutting garden this year. I have used them in many arrangements and still more to come. I’m hoping they will last into October woth good care.

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