White Beach-chic Wedding

Allison and Ryan are just too cute together.  On the day of the floral mockup, Ryan arrived first.  He took one look at the centerpiece on my kitchen table,  and kept saying, “I can’t WAIT for Ali to see this! She’s going to love it!”  When Allison arrived, she squealed with delight and couldn’t stop raving.  At that moment it hit them- all the details of their big day were coming together.  Their excitement was contagious.

For their wedding at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, Allison wanted a soothing white palette with some drape and movement to the arrangements.  Lots of lush, petally flowers mixed in with more tropical orchids.  She wanted to incorporate some beachy motifs, such as clam shells, coral and starfish.

I finally had a chance to work with Drew B. Photography, and not only was she sweet as pie, but the images turned out gorgeous. See her blog post for the full slideshow!

Carina from Flawless Faces brought out Allison’s sunkissed California beauty.  Carina’s work is perfection.  Sidenote: my friend Trista Lerit took a private makeup lesson from Carina, and now every time I see Trista, I notice how flawless her face really looks.  I’m thinking about taking a lesson…

Such gorgeous shimmery shoes, like fish scales.

The bouquets, round but not too perfect. Full of variety and texture.  My style in a nutshell, I suppose.

I’m dying over these ballet slippers!

Definitely my favorite detail- a flower stuffed clamshell for the ring bearer to hold.

One of the first times I’ve actually ever seen this- real rings actually tied to the pillow!  They really trusted this little guy.

I love the bridesmaids’ Vera Wang dresses (Proof: my dear bridesmaids actually wore the very same ones 🙂

Men look so handsome and spiffy in uniform. 

Such a special moment!

We kept the ceremony decor simple and serene.  The plexiglass columns looked clean and allowed the natural beauty of the ocean view to shine through.  I’ve now used those columns for at least 6 or 7 weddings.  An expensive prop to purchase initially, but one that has definitely proven useful over the years!

We also hung champagne paper cones along the aisle, filled with petals.

Although from the looks of this picture I don’t think some of the guests got the memo to throw them… oh well, they are still pretty, right?

Some stunning beachside portraits…

I LOVE California!!!

We did three different centerpieces in the reception.  One short glass cube filled with white flowers and seashells, one glass tray filled with flowers and candles, and these fluffy white tall centerpieces with submerged starfish.

A million thank you’s to Allison and Ryan for letting me share in the energy and excitement of your big day!



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  1. christina Says:

    oooh…i love the plexiglass columns!!

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