A “Cute as a Button” Wedding!

August 10, 2010

I’m overjoyed to finally be able to share this incredibly cheery, stylish wedding with you!  There is just too much to love about it.

Let me start with Kristin, a bride after my own heart!  Her smile is contagious, she is a graphic artist with such amazing style, and she’s even more obsessed with her dog Baxter than I am with my Pesto and Basil 🙂  She came to me with a vision:  to enhance Rancho Las Lomas’ rustic Spanish charm with hip and happy yellow, white and black flowers,  Spanish tiles acquired from Mexico, and plenty of sewing-related DIY touches.

Then there’s the vendor team:  My best gal pal and “heart twin” Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor, the super sweet and talented Michael Norwood, the unbeatable Melody of Sweet and Saucy Shoppe, and Kristin-the-bride who created all her own paper goods herself.  Honestly, I have never seen such gorgeous invites, programs, and table numbers.  You’ll see!

I’m so delighted that Style Me Pretty just featured this wedding!  As I saw it all come together on the day of, I just thought, “This wedding is soooo SMP worthy!”  Check out the beautiful post here.  Be sure to peruse the gallery of over 100 detail shots for a massive dose of cute.

And now, for some of my favorite details, with a little commentary of course 🙂

Kristin and Mike, amongst the orange groves of Rancho Las Lomas.

Let’s see that bouquet again, shall we?A little closer… Kristin gave me different knick knacks and buttons to use on her bouquet wrap, including a gorgeous stone heart that her sweet mommy carried on her own wedding day.  I had fun with this wrap!

Kristin’s little baby, Baxter!  Such a cute little scruff McGruff 🙂

Guests passed this giant flower-adorned birdcage on their way to the ceremony.  Props to my assistant Shana for her floral skillz!

I also got to get crafty on the bridesmaids’ bouquet wraps!

A twiggy, flower-drenched arch was the perfect focal point for the ceremony, with lush flower and berry bouquets lining the aisle.

This arch used to intimidate the heck out of me, as it”s really high and a bit tricky to decorate. But over the years I’ve become an expert 🙂

The button mums fit our “button” theme quite well.

A Kristin-the-bride creation!  Gorgeous linen programs with yellow stitching.  Why are my brides so awesome??

One of the cutest escort card displays I’ve ever seen, with yellow stitched cards and piles of assorted buttons.

The guest tables featured 3 different types of arrangements, giving the room plenty of character.

A trio of arrangements in recycled Spanish glass vases.

A collection of bud vases with unique, stand-alone flowers.

A footed glass bowl bursting with flowers.

A dessert display worthy of the small screen and *almost* too precious to eat.  If this cake looks familiar, it’s because Melody’s creations were featured on TLC’s Fabulous Cakes show.

Cheers to Mike and Kristin!  Many thanks to Michael Norwood for capturing every single detail so perfectly.


My FIRST Destination Wedding!

August 8, 2010

At 3:00 am, Joe and I load buckets of flowers into my van and head up the California coast to San Jose.  Deliriously tired, but also filled with adrenaline. Thinking morbid thoughts of the van breaking down in the middle of the cow fields of central California, or the air conditioner stopping, killing all the precious flowers.  Don’t get me wrong, my van is in excellent condition (I even had enough foresight to get it tuned up beforehand) but when you’re carrying thousands of dollars worth of perishables across the state, your imagination can run wild.

Destination weddings are really difficult for florists, hence I rarely do them.  Here’s why:

  1. There’s the issue of flower transport.  I had three options- buy them from the San Fran mart, have them shipped from LA to the Bay Area, or bring them up myself.  I chose the latter, mostly because I love and trust my LA vendors and  I’ve only been to the San Fran mart once.  I figured I could pull off the drive as long as the flowers were carefully cleaned and processed, had plenty of fresh water for the trip, and we left under the cover of darkness before it got too hot.
  2. You need a place to assemble the flowers, which can be a wild and messy process.  Luckily, the bride Kim is one of my good friends, and her parents offered up their garage as a workshop.  Otherwise, I would have needed to rent out space from another flower shop so I would have access to buckets, a sink, dumpsters, work tables, and ideally, a cooler.
  3. What about assistants?  We flew two of my assistants up just for the occasion.
  4. Vases and supplies?  We brought them all up with us in the van.  Had we chosen to fly up instead of drive, we would have needed to ship them ahead of time, or purchase them there.

As you can see, it’s a complicated process that requires a lot of planning.  I’m in awe of florists who regularly do destination weddings.  More power to you!  What is your secret?

Without further adieu, I present to you Mike and Kim’s gorgeous wedding!  All images by the fabulous Cindy and Daniel of  Orange Turtle Photography!

Meet Kim, one of my favorite people in the world.  A gentle, generous, vivacious, artistic, architect.   Quite a catch!

As roommates in college, I told Kim that big, fluffy peonies were my favorite flower.  She told me she thought they were a bit “overkill,”  and preferred graceful orchids.  I’m glad she finally came around!  Now she LOVES peonies and specially requested that they be in her bouquet.  I also added some delphinium, grape hyacinth, and vibrant derby garden roses.  Yum!Mike is a wonderful man, and I’m so glad to he and Kim found one another!

Swags of many colored ribbons draped along the aisle.

Sheer bliss!The Holbrook-Palmer Park in Atherton is such a serene place to be married.

These little fabric rosettes served as favors, escort cards, and a creative way to identify how we know the couple. 

I used sleek cobalt blue square vases overflowing with garden flowers in berry blues and magentas. 

The neato hanging contraption on the below is crafted from Kim’s architecture tubes, stuffed with fabric, corks, and flowers.   I told you Kim was a genius!Kim’s the kind of girl who will gladly bake cookies, cakes and treats for others but never eat them herself.  She does not indulge in sweets very often, preferring fruits and veggies.  Mike on the other hand names chocolate and caramel among his favorite foods.

The chandelier below is also made from used architecture tubes.  The gorgeous banner was handmade by Kim!  She even sketched out that tree to match the one she drew on her invites. 

Kim, I love you so much!  Your wedding day was totally a reflection of you- detailed, artistic, warm, elegant, and playful.  Thank you for your continued friendship and love over the years.  May God’s grace shine through in all aspects of your marriage!

She came bearing flowers!

August 4, 2010

Two dear old friends were in town, and came over for some homemade pizzas and lots of girl talk.  When I opened the door, Jules was holding a vase of freshly cut flowers from her parents garden (this garden!) in one hand, and a fist full of heirloom tomatoes and onions straight from the ground in her other hand.  Her homegrown tidings completely made my day.

I love that the roses are at all stages of life- some tight buds, some crisp and open, some soft and shedding their petals.  This life cycle isn’t something I can usually capture in my wedding arrangements, as most brides aren’t too hip on “dying”  roses!  I think they are beautiful though 🙂

I have never, I mean NEVER, seen zinnias this large and vibrant at the flower mart.  If I did, I would buy zinnias much more often!  ‘Tis the season for them!

I love receiving flowers even though I’m around them constantly.  I wonder if bakers still like receiving cupcakes, or if they’re totally sick of them?

A Sleek Magenta Wedding

July 20, 2010

I first met Jenny over coffee at Nordstrom E-Bar.  I have to admit, I was immediately struck by her all-American beauty and bright blue eyes.  She’s a total  stunner, inside and out!  And definitely one of the most kind, mello, go-with-the-flow brides I’ve ever worked with.

As the rain poured relentlessly on her  wedding day, Jenny didn’t seem to mind one bit.  She and Bryon were ready for joy and merriment.  Check out the love in these photos, captured by the talented Amanda Doublin!

The dreamy ensemble:

Jenny wanted a classic white bouquet with a touch of fluttery feathers, wrapped up in magenta satin.

Mariner’s church in Newport Beach fit the sleek, modern aesthetic of Jenny and Bryon’s wedding perfectly.

34 raspberry colored pomanders provided a vivid streak of color down the aisle.  It took thousands of mums and orchid buds to complete the task.

A note to pomander lovers:  if you’re using hearty flowers like mums, buttons, orchids, or carnations, skip the wet floral foam and use regular styrofoam balls instead.  Simply pinning the flower heads into the styrofoam is loads faster than attempting to stick millions of stems into fragile wet foam.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking stems as you insert them, or worse, the entire ball falling apart under the weight of too many stems.  I had to learn this the hard way…

Guests pinned well wishes and prayers to a wooden cross.

Second chances!  The stormy weather made it impossible to take outdoor  portraits on the day of their wedding.   However, several months later, I recreated Jenny’s bouquet,  she put on her creamy gown,  and Amanda took some beautiful couple portraits on the beach, this time with the sun shining softly above them.

Then it was onto the candlelit reception at Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point.

Dozens of hurricane candles lit the way to the dining area.

Lush, tightly packed arrangements in shades of fuchsia, magenta and raspberry lined the long banquet tables. 

Gotta love the smooth black ceramic vases. 

The tent was actually quite pretty, and provided a cozy refuge from the downpour.

Sometimes, monochromatic floral arrangements are hard to pull off, simply because there aren’t enough flowers in the palette (blue and red can be difficult, especially in certain seasons!)   Luckily, there are so many delicious flower varieties that come in the magenta spectrum, I almost had trouble picking!

From top to bottom, dahlia, peony tulips, and phalaenopsis orchid nestled amongst sweet william.

My *second* favorite flower, the Cattleya, atop the cake.  Can anyone guess my FIRST favorite flower?  Hint, I carried it on my wedding day.

These are seriously tempting me right now.  Don’t you love how each cupcake is unique? 

Such wonderful toss form!  Look at that arch!

Bridal Bazaar!

July 12, 2010

Here’s my chance to make my garage a bit more earthquake safe.  I’m getting rid of the heaps of glass vases, pottery, manzanita branches, metal urns, candles, and more stacked up precariously on my shelves.  Please come take it off my hands!

It’s a flea market of sorts that will take place at In the Now’s gorgeous studio.

The Designers On-Board So Far:
1. In The Now
2. Events of Love and Splendor
3. Joyful Weddings and Events
4. Jesi Haack Weddings
5. Simply Modern Weddings
6. The Treasured Petal 🙂
7. JL Designs

Not only will I be selling off neat-o wedding containers and trinkets for great prices, I will be displaying some  of my handcrafted etsy accessories to see, try on, and take home!

Here are a few recent creations that may make their appearance…

A froufy white cocktail hat with bunched up veiling and a fluffy feather flower. So chic!

And here is a headband inspired by a stem of rich purple phalaenopsis orchids.  I wanted it to look like the stem is wrapped over the head.  Each petal is handcut, stiffened, and singed around the edges to give it a bit of natural curve.

Thanks so much to Ashleigh Taylor Photography for sending over these images from  two super stylish photoshoots!

See you at the Bazaar!!!

Vegas, Baby!

July 1, 2010

My sister and I will be in Vegas this weekend with our dear husbands.  Since none of us are the crazy “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” types, we will be doing such innocent activities as:

  • seeing The Lion King
  • the Bellagio horticultural exhibit
  • M&M world (my sister’s  idea!)
  • watching the sharks and whales at Mandalay Bay.
  • speaking of whales, we’ll also be hitting up the buffets 🙂

I swear, sometimes I think I’m a 60 year old in a 27 year old’s body.  Case in point: I told you that the last time we went to Vegas we saw BETTE MIDLER!

On another note, super sweet photographer Tonya Joy asked me to provide a few accessories for her workshop last month.  I sent her an edgy purple birdcage veil and spotted guinea feather fascinator.  I may have to rock these in Vegas at some point during the trip.  Can I pull it off at The Lion King? Do people ever wear veils just because anymore?

For more fabulous accessories, go to The Treasured Petal Boutique.  Hundreds more items will be listed in the next few weeks. It’ll blow your mind!

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day Weekend!!!!!!!!

Some Action Shots

June 22, 2010

Saturday’s wedding was a DREAM!  The most gorgeous purple palette, a lovely venue (Villa Del Sol D’Oro in Sierra Madre), a super  inspiring couple, and my best friend Angel Swanson planning the wedding. To top it all off, it’s peony season!

Joe was there to help us lift heavy stuff and capture  a little behind the scenes action with my busted up point and shoot (he did his best!):

Flower filled van (just 1/2 filled at that point. We utilize every square inch.)

Primping the centerpieces.  Like my headband? I beaded it myself!

The always adorable Angel.

Montita looks tough here, but she’s really a softie!

And this is Shana, one of the best designers I know.

Angel and her a’sis’tant, Anna!  Not sure about Angel’s pose.

A striking entry arrangement, and just a few of the travel-inspired details showcased throughout the wedding.

Montita can make a plain white cake simply magical.

And of course, a T Petal signature, the bride and groom chair bouquets!

I can’t wait to see and share the pro pics captured by Kim Fox Photography.  I’m not kidding, this was THE most detail filled wedding I’ve ever been a part of.  The bride scored tons of vintage travel treasures, including postage stamps, postcards, old globes and luggage, travel books, and then some.  You will be so inspired!

Blog Goggles

June 18, 2010

I’ve been a blog slacker lately-  sorry for the lack of posting!

My excuses are:

1) I’ve been busy! Not just with business, but with the joys and trials of life… more to come on that 😉

2) I’m not really allowed to post the images from  most of my recent weddings  because they are being submitted to various blogs and whatnot.

3) I haven’t had my “blog goggles” on.  There is a whole world of random and wonderful things to blog about, besides  real weddings.  But you’ve got to have your “blog goggles” on to be able to spot a blogworthy tidbit when you see it.

To break this blog hiatus, here’s a sneak peek from one of the weddings I’m not supposed to to share yet.  It can’t hurt to reveal just the bouquet and corsages, right???

A muted bouquet to make your heart flutter- ranuncula, anenomes, juliet garden roses, white lilac and freesia.

I thought these corsages were kind of darling.  Tiny pink roses and foliage from around my house 🙂

Just had to throw this one in because I love it!

Thank you to Dennis and Jaime Viera from Viera Photographics for sending these images.  I’m always blown away by your work!  They have a truly unique style and point of view when they capture weddings.  Check out their blog post on Soo and Seong’s wedding here.

Parisian Flair in Her Hair

June 7, 2010

My gorgeous and talented friend Trista Lerit always dreamed of dressing up in a gown and taking portraits with her hubby Doug in front of the Eiffel Tower.  One thing I’ve learned about Trista is that she’s not just a “dreamer”, she’s a “do-er”, and she did exactly that!  She asked me to  create a special peacock feather fascinator and birdcage veil to accent her royal blue BCBG gown.

Here are a few of the images, captured by Trista’s friend and colleague, Ross of You + We Photography:

Trista did her own hair and makeup.  Doesn’t she look stunning?

And Doug looks handsome, as always! He’s such a trooper with these big fancy photoshoots.

A simple peacock flower and black mini birdcage veil.

There it is, the money shot!

Happy 5th Anniversary (and Birthday, too!)  Cheers to you and your fur children 🙂

*To see more handcrafted accessories by moi, check out The Treasured Petal Boutique!

A Sweet Southern Wedding!

May 29, 2010

Last week I happened to see  Meg’s beautiful blue eyes staring back at me from the e-pages of  Southern Weddings Magazine! What a surprise!  Although SWM usually features real Southern weddings, they have happily featured quite a few of my California weddings that have a certain Southern something 🙂

{BTW,  I’m actually typing this from my hotel room in Oxford, Mississippi right now. It is GORGEOUS here and the magnolias are starting to bloom. Tomorrow I’ll be a guest at my nephew Aaron’s  wedding.  I will not be doing their florals, in case you were wondering!}

I posted some teasers of Meg and Shawn’s wedding captured by Joe a while ago here, but I recently received a slew of detail shots from Meg and Shawn’s sweet photographer, Brittany Keene.  Here are some of my favorite details!

A single gardenia graced her hair.  I always suggest purchasing two wired gardenias, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.  They are so fragile and can brown easily, but their creamy gorgeousness cannot be denied.  And the fragrance!

A classic white bouquet, filled with dahlias, callas, gardenias, roses, and then some.

The bridesmaids carried equally lush and textured blooms in shades of white, beige and yellow.

The Newland Barn and Museum is a cool little spot in Huntington Beach. It definitely has a country feel to it.

Brittany caught some great shots of the couple wandering around the barn.

One of my favorite planners- scratch that- one of my favorite PEOPLE Courtney Toney of Joyful Weddings and Events created all the sweet little touches that made this wedding so special:

The reception florals were so sweet!  Paisley wrapped vases and jars overflowing with fresh blooms.

We hung wired mason jars from the magnolia trees.   How Southern is that ? 🙂

I firmly believe the bride and groom’s chairs should be a little bit special.  

Here is one of my assistants hard at work on the cake.  She is my cake decorating expert!

The reception was chock full of southern bbq, dancing, and merriment under the stars.

I can’t wait to share pics from our Mississippi adventure!  I’m in love with their accents, catfish, wild growing hydrangea, and Southern hospitality.  I’m NOT in love with the humidity, fried foods, and mosquitos though, but it’s a small price to pay.