Me, In My Oasis

One day I wrote a comment on Jasmine Star’s blog in response to a beautiful Anytime session she shot. I told her that I was so gaga over those cheerful, sassy shots that maybe sometime I would be brave enough to do an Anytime shoot of my own! Well, seriously 3 seconds later, I received an excited email from Jasmine saying something like “Just got your blog comment. Let’s do it! It’ll be ultra fab!” Despite the fact that I usually feel awkward and stiff in front of the camera, I trusted Jasmine to make me look ultra fab.

I ran into JD and Polo (Jasmine’s hubby and puppy) at the dog park one night, and I was asked him where I should do the shoot. JD said I should choose somewhere that is meaningful to me. Right away I remembered my favorite place to hang out as a kid- my childhood friend Julie’s backyard in Modjeska Canyon. Modjeska Canyon is a charming oasis in the middle of O.C. It is a small town and everyone knows each other. There are foothills, horses, creeks, trees and tire swings. There are hiking trails and old silver mines. This was my only taste of the great outdoors as a kid growing up in a manicured gated community in Orange. We used to play in the treehouse and send messages in a bottle down the creek. All that idyllic kid stuff.

Julie’s parents’ eco-friendly garden was named best garden of 2008 by Roger’s Garden and featured in the LA Times. When the wildfires hit the canyons last year, Julie’s parents had to evacuate and weren’t sure if their house would still be standing when they returned. They were more crushed by the idea of losing their garden than losing their house.

Here are some favorites from Jasmine’s teaser. Check out the full blog post here!

Delphinium, garden roses, and ranunculus.  Shoes from target.  Haha!

Delphinium, garden roses, and ranunculus. Shoes from target. Woot!

Lilacs, viburnum, anenomes.

Lilacs, viburnum, anenomes.

Mums, leptospermum, parrot tulips, viburnum.

Mums, leptospermum, parrot tulips, viburnum, and lemons from the garden. I felt very Martha Stewart in this pic.




Sibling rivalry caught on film.

Jasmine is truly an artist. When she arrived, she did a quick sprint around the garden and I could just see her wheels turning. She was imagining shots and planning how to best use our 1.5 hours of sunlight. She made me feel so comfortable in front of her lens, and she was always paying attention to the little details like my hair, the angle of my feet or showing off my earrings. She didn’t just tell me how to pose, she actually showed me! At one point she even built a little dam in the creek so she could shoot me on a bridge from the water. I thought she might fall in (she was wearing those red cowboy boots of hers!) but she stood tall! Basically, Jasmine rules. The end!

BTW, I had the hardest time finding cute springy outfits that weren’t mini skirts (I don’t do mini skirts. Actually I prefer not to do skirts above my knee!) The first outfit came from The Gap. (Thanks to Rachel for posting the skirt! You had the self-control not to buy it, but I didn’t!) The white bedazzled dress is by Beth Bowley, and the maxidress is from the Modern Romance boutique at Fashion Island.

Thanks a million to my spunky friend Loann of Let’s Get Beautified for doing my makeup. She was my wedding makeup artist, and I don’t trust my face to anyone else!

If you had to do an Anytime shoot, what location would you pick?


17 Responses to “Me, In My Oasis”

  1. Adrienne Gunde Says:

    I love visiting both your and Jasmine’s blogs and was so excited to see her post of your Anytime session this morning! You look gorgeous and I’m loving all your outfits and the beautiful bouquets!

  2. Mary Dunlap Says:

    Hey there!
    Just wanted to stop by and say that I love your work and your website. I follow Jasmine Star’s blog and saw your Anytime session! LOVE it! I’ve really been getting into Photography and love Floral Design. I just need to decide what to concentrate on! I did the College thing as well, and after graduation realized what passions I had in life. How did you get your business started???

    • thetreasuredpetal Says:

      Hi Tracie: The Maxidress’s label says “Solitaire, Los Angeles”- never heard of the brand before, but I bought it at a small boutique in Newport Beach. Hope that helps!

      Mary: I had taken floral classes at a community college and worked in a few floral studios before deciding to strike out on my own. I booked my first few clients in 2006, and made sure to go above and beyond with their wedding flowers. I even spoiled them with a few extra arrangements, which is always appreciated. Word spread, and I started booking more clients via word of mouth. I then launched my website and it totally revved up my business. Now I’m known as a florist who pays insane detail to each brides’ unique style, their likes and dislikes, etc. I take copious notes during consultations so I can know whether the bride likes her roses open or closed, if she likes bouquets that are compact or loose or drapey, if she likes this leaf but hates that leaf, etc.

  3. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    I’m so glad you got that skirt! I still love it.

    You look gorgeous here, just like you do in real life. Jasmine really captured you!

  4. *hanna chang* Says:


    so beautiful!! =) i love love love your anytime shoot! =)

  5. Kadidja Says:

    Kristin! You look beautiful…and I love that you included the pups ;). I still wish I could have several wedding re-do’s so that I could try out all of the different flowers that I love, using your amazing talent. Those lilacs are to.die.for. XOXO

  6. joyful Weddings & Events Says:

    You are HOT!!!! I love these- totally capture your beauty and personality. And you are so martha in that pic! I didn’t have the self control not to buy that skirt either… we can be twins!

  7. Vanessa - V3 Weddings & Events Says:

    I about died when I saw these on J’s blog! They are so ridiculously fab! Love the location, the outfits, and your positive nature totally shines through in every picture! Hi-fives to both of you 🙂

  8. Jasmine* Says:

    I love you. That’s all. 🙂

  9. kaline Says:

    i thought i’d recognize your face as one of trista’s brides. didn’t realize that you did her beautiful deep purple bouquet for her anniversary pics.. totally breathtaking. i wished i had found you a couple years ago.. *grin*

    i also follow jasmine’s blog and saw your anytime pics.. beautiful pics. i will definitely remember you and look forward to working with you should i have my own set of anytime pics…

    and yes, loann does amazing work! 🙂

  10. Erin Says:

    Lovely, lovely photos! Your outfits are so cute. I am running out to get those heels from Target!

  11. Heather Says:

    those photos are so stinking cute! How do you choose??? Just lovely!

  12. una Says:

    kristine, your work is lovely and you look even lovlier! ❤
    hope things are well with you!

  13. Tracie Says:

    Hi Kristin! Your shoot was gorgeous… I really like the setting you chose, very natural! I have an outfit question for you. The maxidress… who’s the designer? I absolutely LOVE it and would like to buy one. I live in Italy, so the chances of us running into each other wearing it are slim (unless you take a vaca over here!!). Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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    […] Thanks Jasmine! I received a disc of all the images from my Anytime session with Jasmine Star. I will share my favorites soon, but this picture just cracked me […]

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    […] Rancho Las Lomas is one of my favorite venues.  Just 7 minutes from my house,  it is tucked into the beautiful Silverado Canyons, a place where I used to frolic and play as a kid. […]

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    […] When I opened the door, Jules was holding a vase of freshly cut flowers from her parents garden (this garden!) in one hand, and a fist full of heirloom tomatoes and onions straight from the ground in her other […]

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